It was the next day after dusk fell
we were everybody else
broken down outside of Phoenix

At first you almost couldn't tell
straggling in on sun-bleached sidewalk
liquid scene in morning heat

Sedate music at each crossing
he withdrew and I was numb
hear about things in the news but
don't believe they'll really come

I'd always loved anonymous
don't have to sleep under facade
so I kept up a firm partition

Between what they all used to laud
and us
there were just light touches

Toes, fingers, conversation slipped
through atmosphere like breath
they told me it wasn't right and

It's the reason we were left

Only idiots were posing
lenz's we might quench ourselves
only egotists imagined
intimate as frozen hell

Whole world thirsty to start doping
but we were too busy eloping

Today I'm half a year from eighteen
I finally lost my heart
don't say a word,

We both know that it's all
a quiet work of art