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Lesson 2

Sugar-coated Hearts

"I, your student council representative as well as the other representatives will be organizing our school cultural festival. So each class will be putting up a booth. The class that makes the most money will win best booth for the festival. Now our first order of business is that we decide on our booth. Does anyone have any suggestions?" Yohru Mizaki addressed his class with utmost poise. His strange violet eyes looking scanning the room of rowdy boys in front of him. It was really no surprise that he was chosen as the student council representative as well as class president. He was well known for being responsible and also a bit scary. But whether it was out of respect or fear, one thing remained clear, that people looked at Yohru as a leader.

"Let's make a haunted house!"

"A trading card booth!"

"Let's sell Shou's body!"

"Yeah!" chorused several other boys in agreement.

Shou Yajima turned his head quickly at the mention of his name, "Hey!" he exclaimed with a pout.

"Now class, settle down. There will be no more talk about selling each others bodies," Genji Shinabishi, the teacher of class 1A, exclaimed as he slammed his palms against his desk.

"Thank you, sensei." Yohru nodded reprovingly. "A haunted house is too much work for the limited time we are provided. And I'm sure that class 2B is already making a trading card booth. Does anyone have other suggestions?" Yohru asked his impassive eyes examining his classmates.

"How about a sweets booth? We can sell tea cakes and things like that. Doesn't Yuuya's family own a bakeshop?"

"Yeah! I bet I could get my parents to help us get some sweets to sell!" A spiky haired boy in the front nodded in agreement.

A frown formed upon Yohru's face. It was not that the suggestion was bad; actually it was quite good compared to the other suggestion, it was the person who had suggested it that turned Yohru usually cold face even more unfriendly. "Well I guess that would be ok. I mean, if everyone agrees to it," Yohru didn't even bother to hide the bitterness from his face and voice.

"I think it's a great idea! Who votes for Toshiro's sweet booth idea, raise your hand!" Shou exclaimed as he raised his hand in the air.

Just as he had feared along with the seemingly perky Shou and most of the class thought that it was a brilliant idea. Yohru sighed in his defeat. "If we all agree, then we'll have a sweets both."

Yohru sent an icy gaze to Toshiro and in exchange Toshiro gave him a mischievous smile. It was that kind of behavior that set Yohru off so much. He hated the likes of Toshiro Yoshikuni. He was carefree, disobedient, and worst of all overconfident. Yohru Mizaki hated Toshiro's type. He hated him. He hated him with his entire being.

"Well since we have decided on our booth the next order of business is to assign each person their tasks. Since I am our student council representative I will be the manager. Itsuki-kun can be the assistant Manager," Yohru explained," Well, let's see for our sales staff we can have Shino-kun, Masaki-kun and…"

"Me! Me! Pick me!" Shou exclaimed frantically waving his arms in the air.

"…and Shou-kun," Yohru replied rolling his eyes knowing that Shou would probably make a scene if he wasn't chosen. "Well, let's see…for the setting up the booth…how about Toshiro-kun…" Yohru smiled triumphantly.


"You know that sweet booth was a really great idea!" Shou exclaimed as he and Toshiro made their way to their usually lunch spot, under the shade of a big tree in the schoolyard. Earlier Yohru had divided the class into group each with their own specific task, but Yohru had placed Toshiro by himself.

"Well I thought selling your body was a really good idea." Toshiro smiled slyly as he followed close behind Shou.

Shou returned the comment with a scowl. "Hey, Toshiro, why do you think that Yohru-kun hates you so much?" Shou asked, changing the subject to anything that didn't involve his body.

"Do you think he hates me?" Toshiro asked as he sat down and opened his lunch box.

"Wow! Toshiro your lunch looks especially delicious today. Can I have one of your rice cakes?" Shou asked suddenly distracted.

"Go ahead." Toshiro offered his friend some of his lunch.

"Well you see," Shou exclaimed between gulps, "Yohru-kun is cold to people I mean like all the time but the way he looks at you. It's almost inhuman. I mean it's like he wants to tear out your spine and choke you with it. Or rip you're your heart with his bear hands and stomp on it. Or dangle you above a tank filled with killer sharks. Or poke your eyes out with a spoon."

"Is that so?" Toshiro asked as one of his eyebrows perked in interest.

Shou nodded vigorously, "Yeah I mean every time he looks at you he gives you these icy glares. I almost get shivers! And what's with putting you all by yourself in setting up the booth? Yohru-kun is going to work you numb," Shou paused a moment as he if he suddenly realized something. "Toshiro, you didn't do anything bad to Yohru? I mean something that could make him hate you that much?"

Before Toshiro could get another word out, they were interrupted by a tall black haired boy. As he approached his black hair and fair skin shimmered under the afternoon sun as he moved in perpetual grace. He could only be described as gorgeous. "Shou, I was looking for you," he said with a smile.

"You came all this way to look for me?" Shou asked his eyes sparkling as he stood up. It was as if Shou had completely forgotten that he was having a conversation with Toshiro. Shou was now in a completely different world, a world that only consisted if two people, Reiji Suzuki and himself.

"Yeah, I guess so. I was just wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me, Shou." Reiji asked gently. "But if you're busy I guess we could do this another time," his eyes settled on Toshiro who was sitting on the grass.

"Oh Reiji, I'd loved to!" Shou exclaimed happily. "I mean...," Shou turned to face Toshiro. He was split between his loyalty to Toshiro and his affection of Reiji. He didn't want to leave Toshiro alone but he really wanted to be with Reiji.

Toshiro put a hand in front of him to stop Shou from saying anymore. "Go. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" Shou asked unsure.

"Go. If you don't, I'll stop being your best friend." Toshiro put on a fake smile.

"Thanks, Toshiro." Shou said, relived that Toshiro was so understanding. He happily wrapped his arms around Reiji's arm.

Toshiro watched as the pair disappeared to another part of the school. He set aside his lunch; suddenly he didn't seem all that hungry anymore. He laid down in under the tree and sighed softly to himself.

It really wasn't that surprising. It seemed that ever since Shou's incident with Reiji that he was seeing less and less of his friend. Whether it was eating lunch together, walking home, or hanging out on weekends it seemed that Reiji was slowly replacing him. He saw less and less of Shou. He should be happy for his friend. At least he was happy and he had someone that reciprocated his affection. Unlike his own pathetic self, who was caught inside an unrequited love.

Toshiro, you didn't do anything bad to Yohru? Shou's words echoed in Toshiro's mind. Shou had been right about one thing Toshiro had done something to Yohru, about two weeks ago.


The air was balmy and hot as Toshiro stood at chalkboard erasing the last of their lesson. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. He turned his head and set his gaze on the other side of the classroom, there Yohru Mizaki was closing the windows. They had day duty together and this was the chance that Toshiro had been waiting for; a moment alone with Yohru.

"I'm done." Toshiro announced walking over to where Yohru was.

"I'm finished as well," Yohru replied promptly.

"Are you going home after this?" Toshiro asked. As it so happened earlier Reiji had stopped by at their room and asked Shou if he wanted to walk home with him. Toshiro being the good friend he was assured Shou that he would be fine walking home by himself.

"No, I'm not. I still have a student council meeting after this," Yohru answered stiffly. "We're all done so after we leave, we just need to lock the door," Yohru said as he started to make is way toward the door.

This was the moment, the perfect chance. He quickly grabbed Yohru's wrist to stop him from leaving. "Wait!"

Yohru threw Toshiro an annoyed look. "What?'

"Yohru-kun, There's something that I've been meaning to tell you," Toshiro said quietly not releasing Yohru's hand.

"Well what is it? Make it quick. You're going to make me late for my meeting," Yohru exclaimed his patience wearing thin.

"I like you."

For a second Yohru was gripped with astonishment. But after the moment of shock his face tensed with anger, "Very funny…and who exactly got you to play this stupid joke on me? I hate these kinds of jokes. Now if you please let go of my hand I'll be on my way."

Toshiro refused and his grip on Yohru's wrist tightened. His face was serious with no signs of teasing at all. "I'm not joking. I'm serious. I think I love you, Yohru."

Toshiro had gone too far Yohru thought as he felt his last bit of patience abandoning him. Yohru could feel his entire body shaking with fury. "Idiot!" Yohru exclaimed. Then with amazing speed he punched Toshiro square in the jaw. The gesture surprised Toshiro tremendously and he released his grip on Yohru's wrist as he hands flew to feel his throbbing jaw.

"Yohru, wait!" He exclaimed as he tried to stop the other boy from leaving. But he was too late Yohru had already dashed out of the classroom with amazing speed, leaving Toshiro alone.

Toshiro stood as a lone shadow in the classroom.


"Toshiro-kun, put that chair over there by that table," Yohru commanded.

It was the morning of the school cultural festival and just as Shou had predicted Yohru was working Toshiro like a dog. The whole morning Yohru had made him set up tables, hang banners, and carry boxes of cakes for their booth. It seemed that Yohru also had no intention of stopping. But Toshiro didn't speak a word of complaint and just followed the orders.

"Yohru-kun, Yukimura-sensei is looking for you. He says that you should go to the student council room right away!" A boy from their class exclaimed is he made his way pass the maze of booths to Yohru.

"Very well. A great job, everyone! Take a short break and come back here. The booths with open in fifteen minutes," Yohru said as he went on his way.

"He says a great job everyone, when what he should really say is great job Toshiro," Shou said as he approached his friend.

"Why do…you…say that?" Toshiro asked between pants. It was the first time the whole morning that he actually had time to rest. He dropped tiredly into a chair.

"Hello? The only one that Yohru has been working all morning is you," Shou exclaimed, "I mean the only person here working harder than you is Yohru himself."

"What a great-looking booth!"

Shou and Toshiro turned their head to see who it was. Standing behind them was a dark haired boy with oval-shaped glasses. He was a well-known student in Himawari High, a bit of celebrity and well like throughout the whole school. Shou and Toshiro recognized him right away, he was Hitachi Yamada, the president of the student council.

"Thank you very much, Sempai!" Shou answered with a smile.

"It's Shou-kun, right?" Hitachi asked recognizing Shou immediately.

This didn't surprise either of them. It seemed that ever since Shou had been going out with Reiji that almost everyone knew him. It seemed like it was an unspoken rule in Himawari High to know just who was going out with whom. That is if you didn't want to hit on someone else's guy and then get beaten up later.

Shou nodded. "That's right and this is Toshiro."

"We'll please to meet both of you," Hitachi exclaimed cheerfully, "It's a really nice booth but I really didn't expect anything less, especially since the manager of this booth is Yohru-kun. He really is a hardworking kid. This booth is going to be competition for our Takoyaki booth!" He laughed good naturedly.

"We promise that we'll work hard, Senpai!" Shou exclaimed.

"Well good to hear that! Well I got to get going I was checking to make sure that everything is in order!" Hitachi waved goodbye and left.

Shou turned to Toshiro. "You know that must be why Yohru-kun has been working you so hard. He probably really wants to win the booth competition thing."

Toshiro nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you're probably right."


Himawari High's cultural festival was one busy event. The whole school echoed with laughter and merriment from the students and teachers alike. The whole school seemed to be in high spirits as they roamed around the campus awing at all the interesting booths and shops. There was something for everyone whether you wanted to try a hand at catching a goldfish, try your luck at a raffle, or buy some delicious cakes.

"Sempai, don't you want to buy some cakes?" Shou pouted as a few older boys passed by the booth.

"Sure, I'll buy some cakes!" One of the students answered with a smile. "Let's see…I'd like two strawberry shortcakes and one Ichigo Daifuku, please."

"So that's two strawberry shortcakes and one Ichigo Daifuku. Thanks for coming!" Shou smiled brilliantly as he handed the customer his specially wrapped sweets.

The morning was blazing hot and selling sweets wasn't an easy job. "It' so exhausting" Shou exclaimed as he took a seat next to Toshiro was also miraculously taking a break. It seemed that Yohru had spared him at least a shot break.

"You know you're really good at selling our sweets Shou," Toshiro said, giving his friend a sideways glance.

"You think so?" Shou answered with a smile.

"It's just because guys think you're adorable and it seems that you're very good at convincing them." Toshiro pointed out flatly.

"Is that a compliment or an insult?" Shou asked looking up at his friend apprehensively.

Whether it did or did not have to do with Shou's cuteness their sweet shop was getting quite good business, it seemed that Toshiro's idea was working out well. And as Hitachi had predicted earlier the only other shop that seemed to be just as busy was the takoyaki booth that also seemed to be attracting a rather large amount of customers.

"Itsuki-kun, how is our supply of tea cakes?' Yohru asked while checking his clipboard. And just as Hitachi had mentioned Yohru was working on overdrive. His leadership skills shone brightly as he worked to make their booth a striking success.

"We're running out of tea cakes." Itsuki answered as he checked the remaining boxes.

"Toshiro, we need more tea cakes," Yohru turning to Toshiro.

Toshiro stood up without any hesitation. "You know Yohru you shouldn't overwork yourself like this," Toshiro said he gently placed a hand on Yohru's shoulder.

Yohru immediately brushed off Toshiro hand. "We need more cakes," he repeated, his tone hard and his stare harder.

Toshiro nodded and went off.

The rest of the morning dragged on like this into the afternoon; Yohru commanding Toshiro every few minutes with Toshiro obliging, Yohru obsessively working to make the booth a success, and Shou casting spells on every guy that happen to walk by and convincing him to buy something. It was all terribly exhausting.

"I'm so hungry!" Shou sighed as he plopped down on the grass.

The sufficient Yohru had planned so that everyone would eat lunch in shifts so that the booth wouldn't have to close during lunch. And after the extremely tiring morning Shou and Toshiro sat down to have a well-deserved break and to eat their lunches.

"You worked very hard," Toshiro said took a seat next to Shou.

"Yeah but not nearly as hard as you or Yohru-kun," Shou answered, as he open his lunch box.

From the whole classroom Yohru had been the one working the hardest. Toshiro couldn't help but notice that Yohru looked a bit pale and tired but when he had tired to say something earlier Yohru ignored him completely. And nobody else dared say anything to Yohru-kun about overworking himself.

I mean really he can do what he wants but really he's too stubborn for his own good. Toshiro thought. He decided just to settle down and eat, and maybe for a while take his mind of Yohru.

While Shou and Toshiro were in the middle of enjoying their lunch, they heard a commotion near their booth. Both of them exchanged worried looks and quickly went to see what the excitement was all about.

"Yohru-kun! Yohru-kun!" shouted several boys from their class.

Toshiro and Shou quickly went over to what was going on. Toshiro pushed his way through the small crowd that had gathered by their booth. Yohru was lying right there on the ground apparently unconscious.

"What happened?" Toshiro asked quickly.

"I don't know. We were just standing here and all of the sudden Yohru said he wasn't feeling well. And then he fainted!"

Really too stubborn! I told him not to overwork himself. Toshiro thought to himself as he moved closer and picked up the unconscious boy in his arms. "I'm taking him to the nurse's office."

The rest of the class watched in awe at Toshiro's strength. To them Toshiro looked like a knight carrying off his fair maiden.


Sunlight shone brightly through the open window as a soft breeze flew in. The wind played with the sheer white curtains; they looked like ghosts dancing some kind of ritual. The whole room was white from the curtains to the shiny, ivory tiles. The room was so unbearably quiet.

Toshiro stared down at Yohru's face and watched him sleep. Now that Toshiro had a closer look Yohru was really very pretty. When he was sleeping he looked a lot different from the Yohru he knew, usually Toshiro would see a scowl plastered on Yohru's face but now he seemed at peace. Asleep he looked almost like an angel.

Toshiro extended on of his hands to Yohru's face. He touched the sleeping boy's lips. They were soft; they reminded Toshiro of rose petals. He wondered to himself how kissing those soft lips would feel like. Then as if something had suddenly pricked him, Toshiro quickly withdrew his hand.

He's got a face an angel and the soul of a tyrant. He bitterly thought to himself. Yohru Mizaki was a difficult person; he was really stubborn, he hated help from other people, and he had a tendency to be too domineering. But despite these things Toshiro couldn't help be drawn to him. Even now as he watched Yohru sleeping in the school infirmary bed he could feel worry building up inside of him.

Yohru started to stir in bed. "Huh…where am I?" Yohru asked as he opened his eyes and tried to make sense of his surroundings.

"You're in the nurse's office. You overworked yourself and you fainted. So I had to carry you here," Toshiro answered.

"What about the booth!" Yohru suddenly exclaimed as he tried to get out of bed.

Toshiro stopped him before he could. "Don't worry Shou said he'd look after it for a while."

"But I still need to…" Yohru started but was stopped again by Toshiro.

"Be a good patient and stay in bed. Now here have lunch," Toshiro handed Yohru a bento box and sent him a look that said you better do as I say.

Knowing that he was overpowered but still giving Toshiro a menacing look Yohru gave in and took the bento box. It wasn't until he started eating that he noticed how hungry he really was. He ravenously ate the food that Toshiro had given him.

"What are you looking at?" Yohru snapped as he just noticed Toshiro staring at him.

"Nothing, I was just thinking that you look really cute when you eat," Toshiro replied with a grin.

Yohru didn't seem pleased at all. "Stop watching me while I eat!" he quickly turned away from Toshiro's gaze.

Yohru finished eating and stole a glance at Toshiro. He didn't know what it was but ever since the incident that had occurred between them. He always had a strange feeling when he was with Toshiro. Now the strange feelings seemed to heighten being alone with him in the school infirmary.

"Why are you doing this?" Yohru asked suspiciously.

"Because I like you," Toshiro answered bluntly.

Yohru could feel his anger rise. So this was what Toshiro was playing at, messing with him. "You're such an idiot that's why I hate you! Stop saying that you like me! Stop making fun of me!"

"But I'm not making fun of you. I truly do have feelings for you, Yohru. I really do like you," Toshiro answered. Inside his voice was true sincerity; it sounded so desperate almost even sad.

The pair sat in silence.

Yohru quickly turned away, his anger quickly leaving him. He had been afraid of that. Toshiro seemed to be telling the truth. He actually believed that he liked Yohru. Yohru had to put a stop at this a once. "Listen. You keep saying that to me. But maybe it must be some kind of misunderstanding, right. You are just probably confused. You're probably just think that you like me."

Toshiro's gaze turned dark and angry. He wouldn't stand for it anymore. He had to set Yohru straight. He moved forward and gripped Yohru tightly by the shoulder. "Look here, you can avoid me, you can treat me like a slave, and you can hate me as much as you want. But don't you dare try to reason out my feelings. Don't deny the way I feel for you!"

Yohru felt frozen in place, unable to look away from the determined look in Toshiro's eyes.

"I like you Yohru…why can't you accept it?" Toshiro said quietly looking away and releasing his grip on his shoulders.

Yohru looked down at his bed sheets. This was too much. It was all too confusing. He didn't know how to feel about the situation. He would have been able to accept it if it was just misunderstanding or a joke. But this he couldn't accept. He had to get out of there before something else happened. "I'm feeling better…I think I'm going back to our booth," Yohru said as he started to get out of bed.

Before Yohru could get out of bed, he felt a strong grip on his wrist. "Work, work, work…Is that all you care about? If you don't rest something worst could happen to you." Toshiro's eyes shone with concern.

"Let go of me!" Yohru exclaimed angrily. Toshiro obeyed and released his grip.

A look of bitter determination curtained Toshiro's face, "Fine if that's how you want to play. Then I'll play your little game. I'll prove to you once and for all that my feelings are true. I'm going to take over our booth and if our booth wins first place, you're going on a date with me!"

Yohru felt his hands balling into fists of anger. He couldn't accept this. He wouldn't accept this. He wouldn't be defeated by Toshiro. "Fine and if your booth loses you have to stop pursuing me and leave me alone!" Yohru exclaimed, his cheeks burning with anger.

Toshiro smiled. "You just made a deal with the devil."


There was no way he would lose. There was no way. He would prove to Yohru once and for all that he really did care for him. He would win Yohru over if it was the last thing he did. Losing was completely out of the question.

"Ok, everybody listen up Yohru isn't feeling well so I'll be taking over the booth, does anyone have a problem with that?" Toshiro announced to his class.

Everyone seemed to be frightened by the strange gleam in Toshiro's eyes and didn't object. It was the first time that they had seen their classmate like this. He could almost compete with Yohru on being scary.

"Ok, let's work hard!" Shou exclaimed happily.

In truth Toshiro wasn't a bad manager at all. He worked twice as hard as anyone else. Their sweets booth seemed to even busier than before. The whole class seemed to work in beautiful harmony. But it seemed that the takoyaki booth seemed to just as busy and just as popular. Winning wasn't going to easy.

"You know I've never seen you work so hard before," Shou commented as he took a break from selling sweets.

"Really?" Toshiro answered casually, looking over his clipboard and rechecking everything, making sure that all was in order.

Shou poked Toshiro at the side, "Don't you want tell me something?"

"Now why would I be hiding something?" Toshiro said not even looking up.

Shou stared unbelievingly at Toshiro. He knew his friend well and he knew there was something he was keeping secret from him. "Toshiro, we've been friends for a long time and I know when you're keeping secrets from me! No tell what this is all about."

"I'm not hiding anything," Toshiro tried once more to deny it.

Shou looked up at his best friend with two big puppy dog eyes. "I thought I was your best friend! Don't friends tell each other of their problems? No, I get it you don't want to be my friend anymore! You don't love me any more?" Shou said dramatically his eyes on the verge of tears.

Toshiro hated Shou when he was like that; even though Toshiro knew he was faking it. "Ok," Toshiro said giving in, "I'll tell only if you promise to stop that!"

"I promise!" Shou said suddenly turning back to his usually playful self.

"Where do I start?" Toshiro said shaking his head.

Toshiro told Shou everything.

"I knew there was something going on but this…" Shou exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yeah, I know," Toshiro answered as he combed his hair with his hand. He almost didn't believe it himself.

"You know I never knew that you were into the difficult type," Shou said to Toshiro, "You know I always imagined you with the more outspoken type…oh well…but don't worry I will make sure that we win this competition for you! I will do this all for the glory of love!" Shou announced gallantly. "Leave it up to me to help!" Shou assured his best friend.

Toshiro's eyebrow twitched. "The glory of love?"


Yohru Mizaki sighed as he stared out the window from his bed. Down below he saw the bustling of students as the cultural festival continued without him. He easily spotted their booth because of the colorful banners that he had Toshiro set up earlier.

Toshiro. Yohru felt the anger built up inside when the thought of Toshiro. He was really such a pushy, arrogant, selfish guy. But along with Yohru's hatred he felt a new emotion growing inside of him. He didn't understand exactly what it was.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if Toshiro won. It would mean that their class had come up with the best booth for the festival. It would be a great honor having the most successful booth. It would be a great reward for all the work he and his classmates put into it.

Of course then there would be the matter of the date. But how bad could one date with Toshiro really be? It wasn't as if Toshiro had demanded that Yohru give his body or anything. If he could manage the whole date without touching Toshiro and giving him the cold shoulder then everything would be fine.

Yohru tried to imagine how a date would Toshiro would be like. Toshiro would probably bring him to a movie theater. Toshiro would pick some extremely bad film with car chases and useless violence. Then while Toshiro would go buy snacks while Yohru would save them seats. Toshiro would come back smiling and say that he didn't know what Yohru wanted and say that he bought him some candy but Yohru would say that he hated sweets. Then in the middle of the horrible movie Toshiro would casually place his hand on top of Yohru's. When Toshiro finally got Yohru's attention he would slowly lean over and…

How can I be thinking that?! And with Toshiro none the less! Yohru shook his date with Toshiro out of his head. No there could be no way in hell that he had feelings for Toshiro. There was no way that could happen.

Yohru laid down in the bed. I'm just tired…yeah…I'm just tired…


There was only half and hour left until the end of the competition and thing were looking quite grim. It was true that the sweet booth had beat out the rest of the booths expect for one, the takoyaki booth. By the looks of things they had to sell at least five more boxes to catch up with the other booth.

Toshiro felt a wave of depression wash over him. There was no way they would catch. He didn't want to admit it but he was defeated. He couldn't bear to stay at the booth any longer and watch his defeat.

"Shou, watch the booth," Toshiro said miserably as he got up the leave.

"Don't worry Toshiro we still have thirty minutes. We might still be able to catch up!" Shou exclaimed trying hard to cheer up Toshiro.

It was just like Shou, always the optimist. But this time even Shou's words couldn't make him feel better at a time like this, He left without another word. He made his way to the school infirmary.

It was over. Maybe he had been a bit rash making such a ridiculous wager with Yohru. But he wanted so badly for Yohru to take him seriously. He would have done anything. But now it was too late. He had dug his own grave.

The school nurse let him in and went over to where Yohru was resting.

"Hey," Toshiro greeted Yohru glumly and he took a seat.

"What are you doing here? The competition isn't over yet!" Yohru exclaimed angrily. "Don't tell you're slacking off."

"We're going to lose…" Toshiro whispered as he hung his head. "I'm sorry."

Yohru said nothing.

"This means I have to stop pursuing you," Toshiro's throat felt dry. His relationship with Yohru ended before it even began. He would never have a chance to hold Yohru in his arms or kiss his rose petal lips.

"Oh yeah, our deal. I guess that mean you have to leave me alone from now on," Yohru turned his head away. He couldn't understand why but Toshiro was making his heat beat faster.

"Yeah, looks like it," Toshiro said solemnly.

Through everything, there had been one particular thing that had bugged Yohru and he knew if he didn't ask now that he'd never know, "Toshiro?"

"Yeah?" Toshiro answered as he looked up.

"You know I was wondering…why me? I mean that there has to some reason behind why you choose me. I'd like to know…" Yohru asked quietly.

"Because, even though you hide behind that composed and strict nature I know that you're a gentle person."

It was the last thing that Yohru expected Toshiro to say. Yohru straightened in the bed as a frown settled upon his face. "And where did you get that idea?"


It had been one of the afternoons that Reiji was walking home with Shou which left Toshiro all by himself. To make things gloomier it was raining and he had forgotten his umbrella. He decided to take another route home since he wasn't walking with Shou that day.

It was while he was walking that he was surprised with what he saw. There was another person walking up ahead of him. Toshiro recognized the person; he was Yorhu from his class. It seemed that his domineering classmate had forgotten his umbrella as well.

Toshiro was about to go on his way when he noticed that Yohru had suddenly stopped and walking and was crouching near the ground. At first Toshiro had thought that he had injured himself but them he saw it. It was a little orange kitten wandering out in the rain.

It surprised Toshiro. He never thought that Yohru would be the kind to feel sorry for stray cats. Then Toshiro what happened surprised Toshiro even more. As Yohru picked up the lost kitten a smiled formed across his lips. It was truly a lovely display.

He had never really given noticed to Yohru before. Like the rest of his classmates he had seen Yohru as the self-appointed class leader and nothing more. But at the moment he couldn't help but be moved by that warm and caring expression. It was an expression that only a truly pure and caring person would make.

He decided at that moment that he wanted Yohru's smile all for himself. He wanted Yohru all for himself.


"You saw that?" Yohru said quietly. For the first time Yohru showed signs of embarrassment as his cheeks turned slightly red.

"It was at that moment that I realized that I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be the one that you smiled for," Toshiro explained quietly.

Yohru suddenly felt guilty for everything he had done to Toshiro. He had been mean to him and treated him like a slave. He should have been relieved that Toshiro had lost their bet but for some reason he wasn't. Yohru could feel his heart beating even faster. What was this feeling?

"I guess I'll leave you now," Toshiro said sadly as he prepared to leave.

Yohru felt his throat getting dry as Toshiro made his way to the door. He didn't want him to leave, but he didn't know what to do. He felt for the first time that his mind was a muddled mess. "Wait!" he called in a course voice.

Toshiro stopped in his tracks and turned to Yohru, his face expressing confusion.

Yohru couldn't face Toshiro he stared down at his blankets. I'm sorry," he whispered,"I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for treating you badly and for not believing you."

Toshiro moved closer and sat on the edge of Yohru's bed. He touched his hand against Yohru's lips. Yohru didn't withdraw as Toshiro's hand moved across to his cheek and gently lifted Yohru's head. "You don't hate me, right?"

"Toshiro?" Yohru whispered softly.

"Can I? Just once…think of it as a good-bye present" Toshiro whispered softly as he moved closer to Yohru.

Earnestly the door to the room was pushed open interrupting them, "Toshiro! I have good news! We didn't lose the competition," Shou announced happily.

Toshiro stood in the room glowing red from the sudden interruption. Yohru seemed just as embarrassed, his head was turned from Toshiro and Shou.

"Toshiro, didn't you hear me? We didn't lose!" Shou repeated himself. He was completely oblivious of what he had interrupted.

Shou's news finally started to sink in. "You mean we won?" Toshiro asked excitedly.

"We didn't win either, but it was a tie! We tied with the takoyaki booth of class 4A!" Shou exclaimed happily.

It wasn't exactly the best news that Toshiro had hoped for but it was certainly something. "How?" Toshiro asked.

"Well you see…" Shou started, wondering how he would explain things, "You left me at the booth and then I saw that we had to sell at least five boxes to tie with the takoyaki booth. So I thought of who I could sell who would buy five boxes of cake. And…"

"Hey!" Reiji interrupted as he appeared behind Shou.

"Reiji bought me five boxes of cake!" Shou said with a smile.

Toshiro looked at Yohru and smiled. "We didn't lose!" Toshiro exclaimed happily as he suddenly embraced Yohru.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing who said you could touch me?" Yohru exclaimed angrily.

"We better leave these two alone come on, Reiji," Shou exclaimed as he gently pushed Reiji out the doorway and closed the door behind him.

Yohru pushed Toshiro away and frowned. "We didn't win either. But our deal was if we won then I would date you and if we lost that you would leave me alone. That just means that our agreement is worthless because it was a tie."

"But that means that I can continue to pursue you,"Toshiro smiled triumphantly.

Yohru turned his head the other way. "What makes you think that I would fall for such an insolent guy like you?"

Toshiromoved closer until he was only inches away from Yohru's face. "Don't you worry, this insolent will make you fall for him if it's the last thing he does!"


Shou and Reiji stood together in the hallway.

"Don't they look happy to you? I'm so glad that we helped them," Shou said as he smiled brilliantly up at Reiji. He felt so great. He had helped Toshiro get another chance with Yohru.

Reiji lightly pressed his hand against Shou's cheek and smiled back. Shou was so cute when he was happy. "Shou, I love you."

"I love you too," Shou answered.

Shou wrapped his arms around Reiji's shoulders as their lips meet in a tender kiss.

"But what are we going to do with your five boxes of cake?" Reiji asked as he scratched the back of his head, staring down at the tower of boxes filled with cake.

Shou looked up at Reiji. "We should buy some milk."

Lesson Concluded

An author's mindless rambling:

First of all I'm soooo happy that I finally was able to write the second story. Its delay was only due to my laziness and lack of morale. Also maybe because it was actually a while before the plot came to me. Anyway I actually plan on making Himawari High include about 7 different love stories. Then if I feel like it I plan on making a Himawari High 2 or something like that and bring back all my characters and show how their relationships have progressed…that is after I finish the first 7 stories --

Character ramblings!!!

When I decided to write the first chapter of Himawari High I really wanted to make an extremely cute uke and there you have it Shou Yajima. In most of the first story I think that Shou's cuteness was overshadowed by his worrying about Reiji so in the second story he comes back and really puts on a show. Though if you noticed he really is prone to say some strange things but you really can't help but love him! I do!

For Reiji when I look at some notes I scribbled on a piece of paper about the names of characters and a very short description I saw that I actually had wanted Reiji to be the bad boy type…but now looking back I see that I didn't succeed very well at portraying that. I guess I wanted it to be that the only person that Reiji was gentle with was Shou but I really didn't get a chance to explore that since Shou is the only person he interacts with. Maybe if I ever get around to writing the sequel to Himawari High I'll explore Reiji-kun's "bad side"

Toshiro is quite a character as well because he's very flexible and that's why I like him. He's a bit manipulative, has a hobby of always making bet with other people, and finds enjoyment in teasing his classmates. Yet even though he's like that he can be really nice when he wants to be!

Then we have the cold beauty Yohru Mizaki. He was probably one of the only people that came out just as I pictured, cold and domineering on the outside but really a good person at heart. He's probably also the type to deny he has feelings for Toshiro so that'll be a real problem!

Anyway thanks for reading…

I really hope I'll have the willpower to finish this series --