first world kids

the kids of this generation

function on three hours of sleep a day
do calculus at fifteen
& make their first million before they graduate

this is Technological Advancement.

Figuratively speaking,
I am an Hourglass.

Which is not ideal.
I want to be a Straw.

Even if self-starvation makes me
Faint in Class,

I must lose weight.
Fat is against the Law.

i cannot finish my homework.
i cannot finish my food.

this weariness has no en

my cell phone is bro-k-en

i'm not cool enough, baby

i would ask my mum for money
but she's busy on the phone
with her hoity-toity lady friend
'cause she's feeling so alone

"there are sexually abused women in Iraq
there are starving children in Zaire
there are illiterate children in New Orleans
but honestly, honey, I couldn't quite care"

dad says he's a tortured soul
he works all night & day
& he really is a good man
he donates tens of thousands of dollars to charity,
he says.

but then i watch the National Geographic channel

& they don't look like they've received it.

-maybe hecate. 5th february 2006.

a/n: i. kids these days are getting smarter & smarter. good or bad? you tell me. ii. yes we all have weight issues. so do the starving kids in Africa. iii. parents are role models, & we are all materialistic, aw. iv. i say we give it to them ourselves and do it in person.