True To Yourself / So Shy

You stopped me
On the path
That I'm walking on
And told me
To stop being so shy
Because it's putting a limit
On the places
I can walk to
And I got really upset
Because you're supposed
To be supporting me
And leading me forward
Not criticising me
And making me trip over
And I felt so small
Knowing that
You don't appreciate
The way I am
But I do realise
That you're concerned
About my future
And the fact
That I've already
Been pushed around
So much,
But, you know,
I have learnt
From the past
And I know
That just because
I'm shy
Doesn't necessarily mean
That I'm incapable
And so
I keep walking
On this path
That I'm on
Because it's where
My heart wants to go
And I continue
To find ways
To prove
To you
And the world
That I believe
There are
Absolutely no barriers
If you believe in yourself
And strive
With your all
For what your heart desires
No matter
How outgoing or shy
You are
Just as long
As you're true to yourself
Which I am...

Authors Note: The "You" in this poem is referring to my mum, but, I wrote it in a way so that others can put whoever they want into the situation of the poem, if they can relate, I suppose!