Thoughts of a Rabbit

There once was a rabbit who lived in a hutch,

And she thought to herself, "There is nothing much

To do in this place and I can't help but wish

That I were a bird or a bee or a fish!

I could do such great things, I could go such great places,

I could learn so much more, I could see many faces!

My life would be full and rich and exotic -

As it is the vet says my behaviour's neurotic.

He said, "After much thought and some long observation,

I've decided her cure will be more stimulation.

More things to do, more time outside,

And some of this ointment, twice daily applied.

It shouldn't be long before we see improvement,

With all these activities, all this new movement.

I'll come by in a week to check up on her,

If she hasn't improved I'll be able to refer

Her to a good specialist - he'll take care of it.

Mind you, now that I think, it would cost quite a bit.

It may just be easier, if things don't get better,

To bring her along to my surgery and get her

Put asleep - and then to just start again,

With a new pet - maybe a cat or a hen.

Whatever you decide, do give me a call,

I'll be glad to help out in any way at all."

After he left, I couldn't stop shaking,

I thought he'd done nothing, but leave me quaking.

My owners, however, were over the moon,

Saying, "She'll be back to her old self very soon!"

I really couldn't join them in their happy state,

I'd prefer if they would just stop and wait,

And see what would happen if they let me be,

Or, even better, if they set me free!"