Cupid's Journal

Dear Journal,

Please notice that you are a Journal. I don't know why I'm writing this, except Aunt Athena said it would be a good idea to get all my 'issues' written on paper. I'm not sure I know what she means, I asked her, but she went into along lecture on psychology and something about making a spider fall in love with an arachnophobic. I only did that once. (No one believes my, 'I had an itch' story either, no matter what I do, these gods just don't trust me. It's not fair. I'm not a baby, contrary to popular belief.)

She infuriatingly continues to call you a diary. It's very annoying. I'm a god and diaries are un-godly. Dairies are for Nymphs. Anyway, I am a god and a good one too, well we sort of have to be good at our jobs or else the mortal world would completely fall apart, go figure. I have been fifteen for the past six thousand years, yet mom still insists that I will 'grow into' half my clothing. Which is actually fine with me, half my clothing, my mother picked out for me. My mother's favorite color is pink. I don't care what the mortals say; real gods don't wear pink, ever.

Aunt Athena says I'm going to be fifteen forever that means endless hormones. Yay. (Just in case you can't tell, which you can't because you're a bunch of paper stapled together, that was sarcasm. Sarcasm; a teenager's best friend that means we'll be best friends for a very, very long time.)

I really don't have anything else to add, hopefully I never will have to write anything else in here either. I could just see the other god's faces if they discovered I wrote in one of these things. I'm already a bit of a laughing stock from my job. I'd like to see any of the other gods carry around heavy lead arrows bossed around by my mom. I'd bet they couldn't do it. (I doubt I can do it much longer.)

The other gods can be really annoying sometimes but I guess that comes with the whole 'family' package. (Which to be truthful I'm afraid to know how I am related to everyone.) You wouldn't sell them for anything less then fifty dollars.

I think I hear mom coming, probably to send me out for more errands, I better hide you quick. Then maybe I won't have to 'find' you ever again


Jumping Bean

As you can probably tell, this is a remaking of the greek mythology, only in modern times. If you need a guide for all the gods, just tell me and I'll include it on the footnotes. By the way, I'm looking for a beta reader, if anyone's bored, just drop a review.