The Kidnapping of Psyche

Dear Journal,

You'll never guess whose life I was supposed to ruin! (Well, of course you won't. You are just a bunch of papers, stapled together by my mad aunt!) It was Psyche! Well yes it was Psyche, but you'll never guess who Psyche is! She's that servant girl! I can't believe her parents would do something like that to her! Leave her on a hill top in front of a monster! That's child abuse! I had to do something, so I sorta knocked her unconscious and brought her to safe haven. Which just so happens to be another mountain, but its different from the last one. There's no monster, or cave, at the bottom ready to eat people because their stupid parents can't think for themselves. Stupid mortals can never solve their own problems, they always have to whine to the gods.

Poor Psyche, she'll probably be confused when she wakes up. Those stupid invisible servants wouldn't let us stay in the palace on the mountain unless we where a married couple, because, well the mountain is a god's honeymoon site. (It was short notice alright! I couldn't think of anything else.) I had to pretend Psyche and I where a newly wed couple, and then I started thinking about when she wakes up, and I got scared and flew away. So she'll be all alone, married and on a foreign mountain top. Do you think she'll hate me for that?

I told Mom that I took care of Psyche, I just didn't tell her how. She'll never find out, unless the "All Seeing" Sun god tells her. He's such a snitch! He was the moron who told Demeter what happened to Persephone. I swear Demeter was going maim me if Dionysus hadn't calmed her down. Three hours later though she was too tipsy to tear my head off. She said so herself.

I'm so upset I could cry. I can't though, something bad would happen like a flood or an earthquake. (Last time Hera cried over one of her mortal sons Zeus had to tell this mortal, Moses, to build a boat and save as many animals as possible. Apparently Moses didn't like dodo birds, he let them drown. )Besides, gods don't cry.

Some how, in this manic of a day, there is some good news. Dad finished the golden arrows, except he gave me a limited amount and their supposed to last me a month. Mom won't be happy. She's already unhappy enough with all the lonely old people that have slipped through our fingers. Apparently another crazy old cat lady was discovered the other day. I just hope I'm not at the receiving end of her bad temper this time.

Well at least I won'thave a problem hiding you, you cruddy piece of journal. Honestly, who would think to look for a journal on a honeymoon site? Especially of a god that's not really married?

Seriously, Aunt Athena needs to stop bugging me about this 'issues in a journal' thing. She thinks it might be better for me if I start carrying you around with me. When I saw her earlier she told me I was all jumpy and nervous and that I was shutting every one out. I don't have issues! I'm just trying to hide a mortal girl from all-powerful gods, one of them being my mother. Do you really blame me for being "a bit jumpy"? If I could die, I would be so dead right now.


I will let Cupid speek for himself,

Jumping Bean