If I could have throughout my life
All that I want and nothing more
My wishes would not cause much strife
For here is what I would adore:

For Pavlov's dog to grow a pair
To read my fortune in a shell
For deserts not to be so spare
Nor any man to think life Hell.

For waterfalls to rise back up
And redwood trees to never die
To never hear the word "corrupt"
And, of course, I'd love to fly.

To take a walk along La Seine,
Or swim in oceans far and wide
And yet to dream of home again
When all the world has with me cried.

To be revered and loved and known
Would be a joy for most of men
And yet I know for I've been shown
What little can become of them

If Dionysus could still be
And Mary had been less a saint
Then all the world may yet be free
And everyone would dance and paint.

Instead I see we're doomed to dream
Of perfect lives we cannot seize
And though I'd love to cry and scream
I only know to mock and tease.

I wish for paper not to cut
Nor words to hurt or children cry
I'd love to hear a lover put
A well of joy in every sigh.

For worlds I know which cannot be
And lives I'll have not even once
And yet in dreams I can't but see
How oft in life I am a dunce.

The things I wish are not so rare
Nor hidden, far away and deep
Beneath the ground where dead don't care
To watch the world as it sleeps.

I want a moment, pure and true
When all I feel is ecstasy
For each and every man to brew
His own ambrosia, beer, or tea.

I want a pigeon on my head
A dog in lap, a cat on back
And all to lightly, softly tread
As if time is not all we lack.