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Winter and Summer

People refer to them as winter and summer.Winter wanted no one and spoke to no one. Winter always have an icy barrier around her. She somehow attracts people to her without knowing.

Summer was cheerful to everyone and made friends without ever knowing it. She welcomed everyone into her arms.

Winter's eyes are cold and emotionless although they usually hint some emotions like amusement or pain. Summer's eyes are bright and always sparkling with emotions, usually making her very easy to read.

When the two are at class(they have all the same classes) and summer greets winter, all summer gets in return is a single nod and an almost unnoticeable smile that only she sees. However, during lunch, when they eat on the roof, the two drop their act and talk about things. Nothing special, just random things like "Hey Takeda-chan. How's your job going?" or "Do you want your chocolate? I'll have them if you don't want them." The roof was the place they could hide out beside winter's house.

Rio Aoyama may be known as winter, the coldest and emotionless person in the school and Eika Takeda may be known as summer, the brightest and carefree person in the school but these two are very much alike.

They both felt pain and loneliness.

Many people saw them as opposites and many people didn't.

Rio and Eika knew they were as opposite as winter and summer yet they still knew they were the very same.