Why is he different?

Why is he so different?

Why is he like he is?

I've fallen for guys before,

But never was it like this.

Maybe it's cause he talks to me.

Maybe it's cause he smiles.

Maybe it's the thought of redemption.

Or maybe cause he drives me wild.

I must not get so infatuated!

I must only gaze from afar.

Or I'll get lost in my feelings.

I will lose touch with my heart.

It's not like he's special.

Though I think he is.

It's not like he's smart.

Though to me he's a wiz.

It's not like I'm so very important to him.

But there's still something there,

Something different, I swear!

Everyone thinks I'm too up there.

They think I should walk,

That I shouldn't even care.

But something inside me says: "No! This one's good!"

And still I feel, like I'm misunderstood.