What have we become?

Imagination they say;

Is the greatest thing of life, and is what brings us to what we are

But with imagination,

We dream

And with dreams

Happiness is gained, or lost

Because of the false things in life

Because we live in a world of pretending

And if we hide inside our dreams

What do we become?

Do we become what we dream?

So if one pretends to be a flying seahorse

Is that what we become?

Of course not!

If one pretends to be something that they are not

They are at risk

Risk of being lost inside pretending

So why is it that we pretend when we know consequences?

When we know that the consequences could kill us

Kill us inside our minds, and out

Why is it that we are afraid to show our true selves?

What creates this insanity inside our minds?

Why must we change ourselves to please another?

When will we be able to stop this madness?

Who will save us?

Where will we be when we are completely lost inside ourselves?

What have we become?

We are afraid, because we can not see

We create this insanity

We change to please others so that we feel accepted

We will stop this insanity, the day that everyone knows and loves God

Only we can stop this foolishness inside our fallen world

And the place and time to start

Is right here, right now

With me and you

Do first is find God in yourself

Then help the rest to find in themselves

Once all are found

Our fallen world,

Shall be raised again