We sit beside the basin of the sea,

And take repose, companions in the night.

In the protection of our sandbank's lee,

While luminescent moon bleaches sands white.

We drink of conversation long and deep,

While your eyes gleam brighter than pure stars;

Divine goddess, I all but pray to keep

Your laughter by my side. Never stray far.

An arm around a waist, a head flung back

And nymph's sweet chiming laughter breaks the air.

Your figure 'gainst the ocean shining black,

My soul in contemplation, oh so bare.

I wince to think of past attempts to tame

Your loveliness or life's eternal flame.

(A/N: A freind asked for love poetry. It was, you guessed it, while we were DOING SONNETS. Thus... (I rather like this one, really.))