"The Island of Lost Love"

By: Cassandra Freiborg 1/10/06

Unlike the devastation brought on by war,

My ruin came from within.

A soul gripping,

Mindless engulfment,

Landing me on a beach,

Engulfed in my solitude,

With waves of sadness,

Crashing against the shores,

Of my mind; my heart.

My tale-long for told by prophets,

And destiny it seems,

As though I am

Never to be complete again.

A vast grassy plain,

With only the winds for company,

So strange yet soothing.

And how I came to be here,

Ah yes, a story in itself.

I dared sail the sea of love,

Only to sink halfway on my journey,

And find myself battered,

Though mercilessly alive,

On some foreign land,

Shipwrecked by the storm,

I had come to know as you,

And left on the island of solitude,

To forever search out and piece together the ruins,

Of my ship of love,

Forever inside my heart.