One Night:

I think today might
Just be that day that I
Cry myself to sleep.

Not because I'm sad
And not because I have a reason to cry
But just simply

Tonight has been different to
A normal night
Where the conversation freely
Flows no matter what
The topic
No matter what we're
Talking about.

But tonight,

And that's what makes me
The change over a day that
I didn't even see.

Trying to believe that it's
All ok
Even if it isn't
And then sometimes I
Think that I'm just making
Up all the problems
In my head

I guess all I need
Is someone to tell me that
It's all going to be
And that nothing will ever

But that's silly.

Coz everything changes.

Yeah... so I'm kind of stuck in a rut with LTOMM at the moment (though I did put up some more pictures). But instead, while being like I am, I thought that I would write this... not for any reason other than to get it out of my system, despite the clientele that I have been attracting... no matter.

Here it goes.