you held out the necklace so high
and said "voila"
and all its gems and crystals
swung from left to right

my eyes followed them (here and there)
creating rotating stars (in supernova status) around my head
there was a ruby (for L.O.V.E honey)
and sapphires (you need tranquility)
emeralds (get in one with nature)
and plaingoodluck jades too

and I almost didn't figure out (that actually, they are for-hypnotism-pendulums
attached to your ribbonofpromises)

you held the necklace near to my neck
(it totally fits in just one glance)
you twirled and wore it on me (it felt good at first mind you)
and you laughed and laughed and laughed (careful of constipation dear)

but you didn't notice my purpleface afterwards