Now that I've passed your test

How can I prove to you

that I'm not going to screw it up?

(But I Will)

Now that I've kissed you

how can I prove to you that I'll never leave you?

(But I Will)

I love You

(I hate You)

Till the stars may burn out

And the Mountains turn into sand

How can I prove to you that I'm

not the two faced guy you think you see?

How can I prove to you that what you see,

Is the real me

not just one of my masks?

Now that I've shown my heart

(At least you think so)

What are you going to do?

Are you willing to take that chance?

(It's not wise)

Are you willing to love me too?

(Its not wise)

How Can I prove to you

That I'm the one for you?

(But I'm Really not)

How can I deal with the pain

Of knowing what I did to you?

(As they say in Mash, Suicide is painless)

How Can I live with Myself

for hurting you?

I'm so sorry

(No I'm not)

We're Two screwed up people

And I'm not even talking about you.