> > >Chapter 3> > >

Beep! Beep! Allegra groaned as her alarm clock went off. Yesterday had been a horrible day. But now, she would have to deal. She stretched and then yawned. Allegra would probably get in trouble for skipping the last half of the day. She got out of bed and took a quick shower.

Allegra was afraid. She was afraid of what Trinity and her friends would think. Allegra quickly changed into baggy black cargo pants, blue tank top, white wristbands, and her pink skate shoes. She was afraid of what Philip would think. Today, she used some heavy eyeliner and wore silver hoops in her ears. She left her hair down. She went to the kitchen in her apartment and made herself a cup of coffee. Allegra packed her books into her backpack. She took one last look in the mirror before setting off to school.

When Allegra got to school, she quickly made her way into the school. She tried to avoid eye contact. Little did she know that she was being watched.

Allegra made it to her homeroom classroom and sat down. She took out a sheet of paper, and started doodling until the final bell rang. The teacher got up and opened her mouth to speak.

"Would Allegra Richards please report to the office?" blared the PA system.

Allegra felt her face flushing. Great, she thought, this is just what I needed. More attention called towards myself. She gathered all of her books and practically ran to the office. When she got there, she found the vice principal standing in the doorway, waiting for her.

"Miss Richards?" he asked.

"Yes?" she replied, trying to keep her voice from wavering.

"Could you please follow me into my office?" The man made a gesture towards a room. "I have some matters I would like to discuss with you."

"Oh. Sure." Allegra forced herself to smile. She walked into the room. There were papers scattered all over the desk. Random things were strewn everywhere in the room.

"Please excuse the mess." said the vice principal sheepishly. "I'm not much of a neat person. And please, take a seat." Allegra sat down.

"My name is Mr. Mackenzie and I am your vice principal. Now, it has been reported that you skipped the last two classes of the day yesterday. Is this true?"

"Um. Yes."

"Do you have any medical reasons?" he asked. "Or any other reasons?"


"Now, I understand that yesterday was your first day here in Canada. But do you have any reasons at all as to why you suddenly ran out of the school?" he asked, concerned. "You can tell me. I promise that I won't tell anybody and that nobody will get in trouble."

"Um…there's nothing. I was just having a bad day. I couldn't take the…um…pressure. I guess me being new and all was too much for me to handle." said Allegra, partially telling the truth. She didn't mention the episode with Philip or Trinity.

"Very well," said Mr. Mackenzie respectfully. "Well, since yesterday was only your first day of school and you haven't even met half of your teachers yet, you are excused this time. Next time, there are no more exceptions."

Allegra looked up. "Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it." Allegra's expression changed to fear. "Will my parents find out about…what I did?"

"No. Skipping class is a bad thing. Fortunately, skipping two classes will only give you a detention. Unfortunately, if you skip more than eight classes, you will be suspended. I was just curious about you. I wanted to make sure that you were adapting to our system properly. After all, yesterday was your first full day in Canada."

"Oh. That's good. Thank you again, sir." Allegra gave him a genuine smile.

"You're very welcome. If there's ever anything you need help with or if you ever need to talk about anything, you can come to me." Mr. Mackenzie got up and showed her out of the room.

Allegra left the office feeling a bit better. There was one less thing to worry about. Allegra thankfully lived through second period without calling much attention to herself. When she got to lunch, she bought a bagel from the cafeteria and sat down at an empty table by herself. She sighed and started eating.

"Well, if it isn't the girl who is so afraid of us that she ran away from school," said a snide female voice coming from behind Allegra. Allegra looked up to meet the glare of Trinity.

"I'm not afraid of you." Allegra said this calmly.

"Well, I bet you are. Deep down inside of you, you are. Somewhere in the depths of your mind, body, or soul, you are afraid." Trinity squinted at Allegra. "But…I do have some good news for you."

Allegra looked wearily at the blonde. "What now?"

"Turns out Philip said that he will consider hanging out with you sometime," said Trinity in a singsong voice. "Well, what do you say? Am I good or what?"

"I don't know anybody by the name of Philip." stated Allegra coldly.

"Sure you do! That guy who you tried to say 'hi' to yesterday." Trinity gave Allegra a strange look. Then she smiled sweetly. "I thought you'd be thanking be by now. For doing the impossible."

"I don't need your help. Now, just leave me alone." Allegra gestured with her hand to tell Trinity to leave.

Trinity harrumphed. "Fine. One day you will thank me." She flipped her hair over her shoulders and walked away.

Allegra shook her head at the boldness of Trinity. She finished eating her lunch and left the cafeteria to find her science classroom. When Allegra located it, she entered and sat down. Taking out her doodle from the morning, she continued to work on it while she observed who was going to be in her class.

Philip entered the room quietly and spied Allegra sitting in the classroom and concentrating on whatever she was doing. Silently, he strode over.

Allegra looked up when she felt a figure looming over her. She looked up and tried to cover up the shock plastered across her face.

"Can I help you?" she asked politely.

"I just…um…wanted to say hi." muttered Philip.

"Really? Is that all?" Allegra went back to working on her drawing, silently fuming.

"I also…wanted to say…that I'm…s-sor—"

"Yeah? I am too." Allegra looked back up at him innocently. "I'm sorry for ever placing your storybook reputation in danger."

Just then, the bell rang and Philip was forced to retreat back to his seat. Allegra turned her attention to the teacher talking.

"Class, today, I will be assigning lab partners. You will have to share a desk with your lab partner for the rest of the semester."

Everybody in the class groaned. Philip tried to catch Allegra's eye but failed miserably.

"Okay then. We'll have…" The teacher listed off all of the names until there were four people left. Allegra was one of them. Philip was another. "We'll have Philip and…Margaret. Then we'll have Terrence with Allegra."

Philip's face fell as he looked over at his lab partner. He looked over at Allegra to see how she was taking the truth. Her face remained expressionless as she sat down next to Terrence. Philip felt…anger? Jealousy. No. It couldn't be. Philip zoned out and pretended to be listening to the teacher as he waited impatiently for the period to end.

Meanwhile, Allegra was feeling happy because of not having to deal with Philip in Science for the rest of the semester. Turning to her new lab partner, she started a conversation.

"Hi. My name is Allegra. What's yours?"

The boy blushed. "My n-name is t-Terrence."

"Oh. Well that's cool name." Allegra said, obviously bored. This slight comment made Terrence blush even more.

As the teacher was talking, she studied Terrence. He had black hair and dark eyes. They were almost identical to Philip's except there was just something more special and vibrant about Philip's eyes. Terrence's looked…dead. Terrence was a very ordinary boy. He appeared to be quite shy. Allegra sighed. She turned to the teacher and concentrated on her words.

Terrence couldn't believe his luck. He used all of his self-control to keep himself from wanting to reach out and touch Allegra's soft looking tresses. Whenever he looked at her, he felt as though the world around him had stopped. He had been admiring her from all around school. She never seemed to even notice his existence. Although he didn't want to admit it, he was obsessed. He'd never felt this way about anybody else before. He liked her so much that he wanted to—

Just then, the bell rang. As Allegra rose to get to her last class, Terrence stopped her.

"Yes?" asked Allegra, mildly interested.

"I was…um…wondering whether you would like…to…hang out sometime." Terrence asked her quietly.

"Well, I don't have much time. Besides, I don't know you very well yet. So…I don't think so. But, I guess I'll see you around. Seeya." Allegra made a speedy getaway.

Terrence's world crashed down on him. He felt angry. He had noticed earlier how Philip Tarre was looking at Allegra. He didn't like it. Terrence didn't want Allegra to be stolen away by Philip. He was going to do anything to get Allegra.

> > >

After school, Allegra walked to a small flower shop to look for something to cheer up her apartment with. When she strolled into the shop, her body seemed to fill itself with the beautiful aromas. Flower petals of many colours came into her sight. Allegra slowly wandered towards the roses. She loved roses. She adored how the petals seemed to be arranged on the stem so perfectly. She quickly made her purchase of 12 light pink roses and started heading to her apartment on foot. As she walked down the sidewalk, she stopped to admire the way the sun shone on the harbour. The sun accented the gentle waves of water. Allegra smiled and looked down at her roses. Maybe today wasn't as bad as she thought.

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."