"How dare you."

Those single words, spoken from the mouth of a goddess, made the entire gathering come to an abrupt halt.

But those words were not spoken by any goddess- they were spoken by Eris, the goddess of anarchy and strife.

"How dare you," she repeated again, slowly making her way into the hall, "You hold a party, and have the audacity to not invite me."

Eris came to a halt before the two who were to be wed, Peleus and Thetis. She smiled thinly as they quaked with fear, regretting their decision.

"Are these the two that forgot me?" she said venomously, and stretched out a hand towards Thetis. Thetis flinched, but Eris only stroked her cheek softly, once, before dropping the hand.

Eris turned to face the entire hall once again.

"But I, I am kind, and am willing to forgive a mistake. So, in honor of the marriage, I have brought.. A gift, yes, a gift."

Everyone shifted, and murmurs begin: Eris, bringing a gift? Eris, forgiving?

Slowly, Eris brought out a shining, golden apple. She held it up, twisting and turning it around for all to see. All of the goddesses leaned forward, trying to read the writing inscribe upon it.

With a final smile of cruelty, Eris shrieked a single word, "Kallisti!"

She threw the apple into the air, and vanished.