Harlequin's Dance
Wrap the silk noose around my soul
My heart is blessed by your black colored lips
Hold me tightly and never let go
Please hold all of myself as my mind rips

I'm drowning in the moonlight
As you chant your hymn in these flowers of flames
You're dancing in the moonlight
As I plant my whim in these showers of shames

My eloquence trance as your dress twirls
My mind is breaking but I don't know
My Harlequin dance as your stress whirls
My time is shaking and all I know, is...

You pull the noose tighter as you want me to fuck
Jaded black lips on my neck as I twitch
Another second's worth for seven years to fuck
Jaded black lips against mine as a stitch

It's crimson red and jet black as the moon still reflects
She screams 'Take me, take me!' and I break with each learned
I shall keep declarations of love although they're wrecked
My seams always shaking and I squeeze each wound burned

An after-image of dead clarity as I was for you
My soul is reborn but the shell is still me
A darker nova of led purity that was used for you
My mind is breaking as you're shaking for me

The moonlit flame keeps me warm as you kill
I stare my final trance
It was love at first sight but now it's fuck for the thrill
Dance, My Harlequin, dance
And please, take me with you again