Tsunami sighed in desperation. For the 5th time now, the universal council was surrounding her, plaguing her about the last thing she invented. A star destroying gun.

"I swear to you, I wasn't planning on taking out any inhabited systems. Just cleaning up the trash stars was all I was going to do. You know, so light speed travel would be safer," Tsunami said with shifty eyes.

"We know what you planned on doing. This is the 5th time you have been called here for your work, as you claim, on 'Galaxy Improving Inventions'. These things, used improperly, can cause grief across the galaxy. Therefore we have decided to ban you, Tsunami, from this plane of existence. You shall be exiled to another dimension and work to create peace in that dimension," the man in the center said.

He gestured toward the view screen in the back. Tsunami glanced up and saw a red world which was orbited by 2 moons and a couple colonies.

"Say hello to your new home. Mars."

A black hole opened up in front of Tsunami. She winced and tried to step back but the force began to suck her in.

"Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you," the men said, his voice quickly fading due to the whipping wind, "You will suffer your punishment as a young girl. Enjoy."

Tsunami saw the grin across his face as everything swirled around her, becoming blacker and blacker. Things became dark and she floated into nothingness.

5 years later

Tsunami jerked her head up when she heard the alarm in the morning. Her long silver hair was tacky from sleeping on it the wrong way. She sleepily stalked over to the shower. Her small, slender body belied the power of her brain. Some among her partners and workmates term her as a mad scientist. Part kleptomaniac, part crazy inventor, Tsunami had the unknown urges to take things apart and put them back together, stealing whatever was leftover. She also had the nasty habit of pranking the mechs of everyone she worked with. On her last mission, she took the motor out of the leg of her partner's mech, so when he went to run, it locked up and ended up totaling his mech.

Tsunami slipped into her skintight black suit, which embarrassingly showed off her slim physic. Waiting for her outside the door was her partner. Her permanent partner. There really isn't another term to describe him. They weren't exactly lovers because they had no feelings toward each other. It was more of an older brother/younger sister type of relationship. If he was away from Tsunami to long, he tended to get anxious and have a quick temper. But he also would not let any guy come near Tsunami, because she was deathly afraid of men.

Tsunami gave Crow a sweet smile as they walked down the hall. Her partner, Crow, wasn't a widely accepted person on Mars, due to some oddities. Also due to the fact that he ruthlessly slaughtered Olympus Special Air Service agents while on duty. But that's a story Crow pushes to the side, since it resulted in his dishonorable discharge.

Although Tsunami smiled, she was not happy. She was stuck on this backwater planet called Earth. It was junk. About a hundred years ago, Earth suffered from a nuclear war, obliterating over half the population. The radiation changed the genomes in some Earthlings, causing mutations to occur. A new race sprouted up, calling themselves bio-freaks. Earth was immediately quarantined, so bio-freaks could not leave the planet. But now she was here. Earning money, probably with a group of people she would not like anyways.

When Tsunami entered the meeting room, she glanced around. Standing around in the room were the people she was obviously going to be spending quite a while with. Standing in front of the room was a tall mercenary. A white scar ran across his face, which highlighted his dark black eyes.

"Alright. Since we are all together, you might as well introduce yourselves. I, of course, do not want to tell you my name, since you will all be doing a job for me. So proceed," the mercenary said.

Tsunami looked directly at the group across from her. Standing there was a small woman with purple hair and a non-descript face. Right beside her was a guy.

"Well, to me he is just 'a guy', but it's obvious that he's handsome enough to get the attention of any girl he came across," Tsunami thought to herself. This guy had long blond hair and was wearing leather armor, of all things. His muscles were clearly outlined in the folds of the leather. He spoke up first.

"My name is Heidrick. My partner here chooses not to give out her name for....other purposes," Heidrick explained.

Tsunami turned her eyes to the next person in the room. It was a tall woman. Her blond hair was cropped quite short, and her good looks stood out quite obviously because of her red motorcycle suit. Tsunami recognized her immediately, recalling a past mission she had on Earth. Her name was Tel. Tsunami ignored her introduction and began her own.

"My name is Tsunami. I'm your resident genius. This person here in the trench coat is named Crow," she said with excitement, glad to tell everyone about her brainpower. Tsunami was quickly dismayed when no one began to bow down to her.

"That's nice pretty girl, but I think we should get on to more important things," the mercenary said sarcastically, "I will now explain your mission. What I need you to do is go into New York City and find exactly where the leader of Merdio drug organization is. If possible, I'd like you to kill him. There are a couple rules on this mission though. First is that you may pilot your mechs, but only to the city limits. Once you get there, you must drop off your suits at the hangar there. If you take your mechs into the city, you will start a full fledged war between the drug organizations. Also, please bring back proof of your conquest. Otherwise, no money for you. Now please leave and make haste toward your objective."

He motioned toward the door and insistently pushed everyone out the door. Tsunami walked toward the military hangar. She walked up to her mech. She was quite proud of it because she built it herself. On the floor near her mech was a scorch mark. One of the techs in the hangar looked a bit singed. Tsunami smiled and hugged the leg of her mech. Everyone in the hangar took a step back, obviously afraid of the security system that Tsunami set up herself.

Looking around the hangar, Tsunami watched the other people in her group go to their mechs. Heidrick has a mech much larger than her own. It seemed to be a brawling style mech, with hands that looked detachable. The unnamed girl, which Tsunami began referring to her as test subject, walked toward a very large tank. It was practically the size of her mech. Tel mounted her souped up motorcycle. Crow had the largest mech of the group. So large that it was insanely slow, but it had a massive beam rifle on it's shoulder.

Tsunami looked up at her mech. Her own mech was only about 2 stories tall. Strapped onto it's back was a shot cannon, which fired armor piercing rounds. Overall, it was quite a weak mech, but it had super advanced technology equipped on it, that Tsunami invented herself. She was quite reluctant to use these instruments in front of people she didn't know. So she decided to wait until she could trust these people. Tsunami climbed up into the pilot's seat, which was in the chest of the mech. She put her arms in the slot and attached instruments to her head. She was now directly connected to her mech.

There were large advantages and disadvantages to being synaptically connected to your own mech. The main advantage was that the mech would move with her own movements, making it impossibly dexterous for it's size. But every hit the mech took felt real to Tsunami and major hits could cause her to collapse unconscious from the pain. But the tradeoffs were good.

After starting her mech, she marched it out of the hangar and toward New York City. She prepared herself for whatever might come on this mission, but what happen would change her life in such a way, that even dimensional travel wouldn't even compare.