A little button clicking

Is all it takes

To erase all we've been

For the past ten months.

Always online,

I've never once looked at you

In person. That your eyes

Are brown, I can gather

From the little picture

To my left, but your hair

Might change colour again-

A picture only says so much.

You sound smart, from what

You type me, I can see

You have a way with words.

Oh, they make me smile

And feel things I've never

Felt before, but can I

Place my life in words?

Mama would approve

If she knew how rich

You are, but are you?

A man can be what he wants

On the World Wide Web

And I wouldn't be any wiser.

You speak to me

With those smiling faces,

You speak to me

With hearts

But we both know they disappear

When I close the screen.

What if one day,

You disappear with them,

Would I even know your name?