Islamic Image Clarification

- - -

Image, the facade, the portrayal of something in a specific way,

It is the picture that people see with their own certain say,

Let me just speak out and clarify things for you,

How some Muslims are protesting is not considered true,

Islam is truly peaceful and what some do is not the truth,

A few people cannot represent the religion but just the methods that they choose,

There are those who are considered ruthless, incorrect and extreme,

Then there are those who will do anything to get what they want it seems.

You get people who are violent and only stand up for the sake of a fight,

Then you get those who love to harass people day and night.

But please don't misunderstand and judge all Muslims by what you see,

Because in Islam, this is not right and we stand together in unity...

- - -

Okay, this wasn't such a good poem but I would just like to clarify that what some Muslims are doing, such as burning embassies and getting violent is way over the top and this is not what Islam is about. Sure, we can protest peacefully but there shouldn't be any violence involved. Muslims are meant to be tolerant and not trouble makers so I would like to apologise on behalf of the other Muslims and I'd just like to ask whoever reads this not to be determined to think the worst of Muslims and to keep an open mind.