A Loss Of Trust

(23rd January 2006)

- - -

This was inspired by my brother who did something that made me lose a little trust in him. He's a great person but sometimes he messes up big time. Anyway, review plz?

- - -

You're someone that I don't want to lose,

But for once, why couldn't you tell the truth?

Spill the lies and uncover the decpetion,

Get rid of all the secrets and manipulations.

I love you and it hurts me to see you cry,

But the question is, why don't you even try?

For my sake, at least, you could have said something,

It would've been better than just covering up everything,

It's frustrating and it's hurtful and I know we'll move on,

Leave this behind us, and forget what you've done,

Don't you see the way that this will affect us?

It has been a loss of love, loyalty and trust...