Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time

Come on just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me

Good, good now we're making some progress

Come on just tap, tap, tap your toes to the beat...

I literally snapped my fingers a bit to Panic! At the Disco, I never tired of their upbeat songs. I scanned my surroundings, still listening to the song, and I couldn't believe it. I know, you're probably thinking Original, everyone can't believe something, but I really couldn't. I knew high school had been going by too quickly, but now it was over and I was ...old. Jeez, but maybe not as old as my friends. Haha, old peoples. Laughter snapped me back to reality. Man, but it still hasn't chaned, I'm still hanging out with these retards, I thought, smiling and laughing internally.

We were actually doing it...

I was excited and more than likely had talked about it too much, much like the senior trip. Leigh and Kim were afraid I'd play it up too much and then it wouldn't be as much fun as I said it'd be, but it was, and this would be too. I wasn't going to let anything make my trip no fun. I'd take it on the same way as the senior trip, I'd make it fun for myself if I had to. No wasting time being miserable.

Again, I looked at our surroundings, observing JFK Airport and the people. There was a harried businessman searching for his ticket, an elderly woman with a cane slowly making her way to the front of the line, and a kid carrying on a tantrum about how much he hated his mother because she wouldn't buy him candy. People were pretty much the same, no matter where you were.

I saw the airtrain tracks my dad had helped design and the daunting Port Authority signs and snapped back to the past with my dad. They had screwed him over. Fuckers..I thought as one of the Port Authority figures walked past.

My anger at the man I didn't know was quickly knocked from my mind as I was poked in the side by Leigh and jumped, squeaking: a normal response for everytime I'm poked unawares- scratch that, even when I'm aware of it. This provoked stares from many people and a laugh out of my friends. "Hah, I did it, now stop poking me," Leigh said to Kim, who only giggled.

Rolling my eyes, I said, "That doesn't mean you get away from me." And with that, I jabbed her in the ribs and received a satisfying spaz.

Chris came over, smiling, "OH man! Guys, this is it!! This is it, isn't it so exciting! We're all going on the cruise together, how cool is that?"

"And how many times have you said that?" I retorted.

"Seriously, Price, you've said that around 20 times now," Alex added.

I had become used to the reference to one another with last names by now with Chris and his friends. What I couldn't believe was that I was actually good friends with all of them by now. Although, thinking about it, it had taken quite a while. Especially with that one guy. Pancake face, I thought, laughing to myself. Leigh and I had come up with the nickname for him when we went to visit Stony Brook and met Chris and some of the others there. Pancake face, we felt, had shunned us. He had had a tendency to say, "Hi, what's up?" to us prior to Stony Brook although we didn't know him that well, but at Stony Brook he had barely registered us. That had annoyed Leigh and I and produced a rant of "Who does he think he is? He's nothing special.." and similar statements that were, thinking on it, childish. Still, cocking my head to the side and observing him inconspicuously, he does still kind of have a flat face. At least now I could talk to him, and Chris had been right, though I'd never let him know that. He was pretty cool, and not just because of his car.

The amazing thing, I thought as we all rolled our suitcases past security, chatting amicably, was that we'd been able to convince Carl to come along. You can say nothing's impossible but getting him out is pretty close to impossible. He likes to stay away from things that cost him effort and trouble. I mean, he won't even drive us both ways from the movies. I once had to ask him to drive Chris home from the movies because Carl was going to make him take the bus. Also, he likes his Final Fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I had become quite a Final Fantasy dork by now, but I still would rather go out than hang around on the game too long. The sad thing was we Chris and I had actually resorting to basically begging him everyday for almost two months to come. Asking him to give up his easy, effortless times hanging by himself was asking a lot of Carl. And as much as I didn't think using, "That's because he's Carl." as an excuse was acceptable, coming to know him, things did happen because of that.

Also, with my super, genius skills I rolled my eyes at myself, I had convince Mary's parents to let her come. So everyone was happy, or something. College, at this moment, as we handed our tickets to the clerk, was far away, and this vacation could last forever for all I cared. I didn't feel like rushing off to the brand new, and the unexpected and beginning all over again when I had all my friends right here and a week long cruise coming up. We had a three hour flight to Florida and then we'd depart from there. It was an exhilirating feeling, walking on to the plane.

"Hopefully, we don't wind up lost like on Lost!" Chris joked

Everyone rolled their eyes. Everyone consisted of Chris, myself, Alex, Kyle, Rob, Leigh, Jessica, Mary, Kim, Shahbaz, Brett and Tom. We were all different in some way, and probably looked like a bunch of misfits thrown together. However, that didn't bother me, and I grabbed the window seat of our row quickly, having Mary plop down beside me. "This'll be exciting," I said to Mary.

"Yea, yea. Now shh, I'm reading my manga," she said.

I sighed, being stuck next to her reading manga and not wanting to be disturbed, and far away from the idiots, this would be a long plane ride.