you are s.t.i.t.c.h.e.d perfection in my head
a golden statue made of lead
the neon threads that hold you tight
are made to glow sharp in the night
your lips are s.e.w.n shut to hide the wounds
caused by Death's own tongue when he made you swoon
your eyes are c l o s e d to hide that which you've lost and loved
a service contracted by those whom away you shoved

your heart was s.t.a.p.l.e.d together by crude hands
the Devil himself found little joy when he wrought the bands
when faced with dark things you laugh out loud
and stand with s.t.i.t.c.h.e.s and creamy skin out from the crowd
your breath is of rotten roses and your eyes of deadened amber
your smile was painted on with tatoos and some s u t u r e s

you're my one and only darlin' doll
my baby pride and my ego tall
so whisper slowly in my ear all the things i hate to hear
whisper in that hole in my head all the things i've learned to f e a r

(my secret love, my mate once hidden
i love you my one and only mannequin