its color of skin
does it have a dick
and its parents
do they pray to jesus, allah
or are they atheists
elephants or donkeys

is it fat
is it pretty
does it have small tits
or are they big
long hair or short
yellow teeth or clean
does it fuck women
does it fuck men
does it go to church
or sleep in
is it poor trash
is it a rich snob
does it kill babies
does it let them live
does it care about others
or not give a shit

is it forgiven
does it believe in sin
it goes to hell
it goes to heaven

we are blind FOOLS with guitars
descendants of a long line of dead men
we are the hope that the world will get better
a world that races carelessly to its end"Black is Beautiful"
and "Jesus died for our sins"
"All Men are created Equal"
oh, and "Women are equal to Men"
i love all these things
and i believed all of them
that was before i saw the world we live in