He warms me and is safe.

His strong arms grip and hold my body
Close to him,
Where no one else can reach
Not even I can breach.

His eyes are soft and hold my heart in
Melting love,
Love as pure as snow,
Love that cannot grow.

His shape is firm and angular, he
Stands so tall,
Too close to me so I
Can never see the sky.


She is fire that never dies.

Her lips can whisper endlessly the
Sparks of lust.
She is the furious heat
That I could never keep.

Her form curves round my tongue from
Head to toe.
She writhes and whirls in play
But leaves before the day.

Her voice lights flames within my
Fragile flesh.
The flames that burn in song
But cannot stay for long.



They are two halves of the encompassing love.
They are the safety and the passion that we will never find with just one.
They are perfect together yet must remain apart.

And They must never know.