Taylor Carter sat up in her bed glancing at her alarm. 5:30 dammit why can't it still be summer! The senior to be slid from under the warm covers of her bed and was met with the cool morning chill of her bedroom. Not wanting to get up she flopped back down on her bed and drifted off to sleep, until her cell phone rang.

"What?" she muttered not bothering to see who had called her.

"T are you coming? I'm out front." she looked over to her alarm clock 6:45 dammit again! She had slept for to long.

"I'm coming Wes just do not leave." she shrieked into her phone at her best friend Weston Martin and hung up before he could say anything. She pulled on a short Hollister skirt and a baby blue tank top the accentuated all of her curves. Taylor looked in the mirror at the mess of bed head she had. She took a brush and brushed her long, perfectly straight chocolate brown hair to it's usual sleekness and applied the usual array of anti-frizz product. The searching frantically on her vanity she managed to get on some eye shadow, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss before Wes honked his horn.

"I'm coming!" she yelled and grabbed her Von Dutch purse tucking her phone and lip gloss inside of it. Then she grabbed her Vera Bradley bag she used as a back pack and ran out to the big red jeep known as Wes' baby.

"Hey sorry I overslept." she looked up at her best friend flashing him a smile. Luckily he only lived at the other end of the street. Wes was tall and with at least a six pack tucked under his Abercrombie tee. He had jaw length dirty blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

"What are you wearing?" he asked as they pulled out of the driveway. Taylor looked down at her outfit.

"Umm clothes?"

"Yes but not enough of them."

"Shut up!" she shrieked hitting her friend playfully on the shoulder. "Hey can you believe we're seniors already? It seems like only yesterday you were running around in your underwear pretending to be Superman." she paused for a moment "Oh wait that was yesterday."

"You're unusually cruel." Wes replied returning his eyes to the road. It was about an eight minute drive to their highschool from Taylor's house. They pulled into the senior parking lot and entered the all to familiar school. They could see the freshmen all being herded into the Auditorium for the "Welcome to Highschool!" speech. Taylor could distinctly remember Wes falling asleep during that assembly.

"Awww look at the kiddies Wes." she joked heading to her homeroom. Just out of pure luck her and Wes ended up in the same homeroom. A not so lucky catch, it was Chemistry. They sat down in two seats in the back of the class. As Taylor socialized for a couple minutes Wes' eyes did not sway from their position on her.

She's really changed. He thought thinking about the shy girl from Junior High. The one who wore baggy tee shirts and hoodies because she was embarrassed about having breasts and acted as if she had never heard of anything other than jeans or sweatpants.

"Weston Martin?" said their teacher "Weston Martin? - Is Weston Martin here?"

"Wes!" Taylor whispered shaking her friend.

"Oh yeah I'm here." he grumbled.

"Well next time pay more attention to my taking role call and less on the pretty lady next to you." both Wes and Taylor turned two different shades of pink. "Speaking of that pretty lady, I do not believe that shirts like the one you are wearing are part of the dress code. Do you have a jacket or something to cover yourself? For all our sakes." at this Taylor got even darker and walked out of the room to her locker. She returned several moments later in a jean jacket. "Thank You Miss Carter." Taylor nodded and took her seat again.

"I told you." Wes retorted when Taylor sat down "You should've been wearing more clothes."

"Shut it, I'm trying to concentrate."

"On what?"

"Well then now that we're all settled in. I will be giving you your lab partners. These are the people whom you will complete all of your assignments with and whom you will be sharing your lab tables with." said their teacher not looking up from his list.

"Okay first seat on the left will be Weston Martin and-" he paused for a few moments "Shelly Harrison." Shelly was well known for her smarts. She was captain of the Academic Team and spent her free time in the library. She was an awkward girl with frizzy, curly blonde hair. Wes sat down in the inside so he would also be able to speak to the people at the lab table next to him.

"Now behind them lets have Caroline Martin and James Colella." Caroline was the spitting image of Wes, and she should be considering that they were twins. Wes grumbled avoiding eye contact with his sister. After their teacher completed that row he continued on. "First seat on the right is Mark Anthony and Taylor Carter." Taylor smiled and made sure to sit on the side closest to Wes.

Mark Anthony was the amazing Senior boy. He was leading scorer for the football team. Captain of the Hockey Team and starting pitcher for the baseball team. He had short brown hair, similar in color to Taylor's.

"This is not Taylor Carter." Mark said looking at Taylor.

"Yeah it is."

"The last time I saw someone by the name of Taylor Carter she would never wear a skirt or a tank top. Did you move away and come back amazing?"

"No, I've been here since Kindergarten sorry." she blushed smiling at him.

"Well the Taylor Carter I knew was not this hot."

"And the Mark Anthony I knew was not this charming. So I suppose we're even."

"Hey, how would you like to meet up after school. You have soccer don't you?" Taylor nodded "Well I have football, we can meet after that. What do you say?"

"Sure why not."

They made it through the rest of class and Taylor managed not to fall asleep. Mark made random jokes about the teacher and Taylor had to stifle her giggles every time.

"What was that all about?" Wes asked walking beside her after class.

"What was what all about?"

"You and Mark?"

"For your information we are hanging out after school today."

"Your kidding?"

"Nope." Taylor felt like a little girl she stuffed her books in her locker with a big smile plastered on her face. Wes usually would wait for her but his next class was on the other side of the school so she had planned to walk to History alone.

"Hey Taylor!" Taylor turned around to see Mark walking toward her. "Where you headed?"

"Umm History with Mr. Laurence."

"Oh wow me to. Walk ya there?"

"How could I say no to an offer like that." she tucked her folder under her arm and Mark took her hand in his as they walked. For a girl like Taylor, this was a dream come true.