The funeral for Taylor Carter took place on a Sunday morning. Just about the entire 12th grade showed up, including Mark who was amazingly nice. Wes was wearing a suit jacket and jeans, along with his every day beanie. Even today he was never known to get dressed up. There were so many different types of flowers in the church, Wes knew Taylor would have loved the beauty of the whole thing.

After the priest did some readings and Taylor's family spoke Wes went up to the podium and cleared his voice. Just as he was about to speak his family walked through the back door and took a seat in the back pew. His father was not included in this. Wes cleared his throat than began.

"Taylor Carter was an amazing person. She was an athlete, participated in community service. But the best role she ever played was as my best friend. My problems brought Taylor a lot of pain during her last couple months of living, but all the same she stuck by me and never left. Given we did fight a lot, and I was overly protective of her. I don't know what I could've done without her lately, and I don't know how I'm going to cope with life without her. Taylor was always found with a smile on her face, even when I visited her in the hospital one time, as she lay there, she had the biggest smile on her face. I'll never forget her, and I have a feeling nobody else ever will about able to. Thank you T, I'm gonna miss you." as he made his speech tears flowed freely from his eyes, and he had to choke out many of his words, but he got through it and sat back down in his seat.

The rest of the ceremony was generally depressing. Wes tuned it out, he had not stopped crying since he ended his eulogy. At the cemetery Wes didn't make another speech, he was supposed to, but he couldn't. Watching them bury his best friend was just to much. After she was down he was one of the last people to pull himself away from her grave site.

"Good bye Taylor, I love you." he forced himself to smile and walked away toward the big black limo that was supposed to take him to the follow up supper.

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