Ok, so as the summery says this is going through a re-write! It's been a long time since i've written anything Spy related so it's going to be tough. The reason why i'm doing this is because when i first getting into writing this was one of the first stories i wrote, and looking back i saw how terrible it was! A lot of things are going to be different but i'm hoping this will turn out better than it did the first time.

I'd like to to thank the previous reviewers and hope that they will encourage me through this re-write.

Enjoy :)

The door opened with a quiet click and a figure in black slid into the dark room. Machines inside worked rhythmically together; taking contents from one vial, passing it through a long, think tube, and into another; mixing with another liquid. A robotic claw then took that to a mixing machine that closed and started automatically; when it stopped and opened again the black figure reached for the now purple liquid with a smirk.

Dai was taking a huge step in his life, one that he unwillingly wanted to take. His mother had died a month before and his only living relative was his father Alan, so Dai packed his bags and made a four hour flight from Spain to England. He pulled his suitcase behind him as he made his way to the airport entrance and looked around, flicking his brown hair from his blue eyes; he rubbed his tanned arms and pulled at his short sleeved Newcastle shirt as a cold breeze burst through the automatic doors.

"Dai!" He turned at the sound of his name and found a tall man- 6"2, bald, with blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a smart white shirt with the top two buttons undone. The man smiled and made his way over. "I was worried I was late. How was your flight?"

"Fine." Dai looked up at his father. They had spoken over the phone many times over the years, he had been to visit Dai once or twice-they even cam chatted when Alan wasn't too busy-but despite all that he seemed, to Dai, like a stranger. Dai studied Alan as he lifted up the boy's suitcase, he was well built and looked good for his age and Dai knew Alan had a well paid job.

"You look tired, are you feeling jet lagged?" Alan asked, studying the boy back,

"A little bit." Dai admitted and followed Alan to the car park, shivering when the breeze hit him again; he was led to a black Mitsubishi Warrior and Alan gesture to him to get in while he place Dai's case in the boot.

"Are short sentences all I'm going to get out of you?" Alan asked with a grin as he climbed into the driver seat. Dai felt himself flush. "I have to stop by work and pick someone up, you'll like her-she's sweet."

A girlfriend? Dai wondered, Alan had never mentioned anything before; now he was curious.

Alan parked the Mitsubishi close to a large gray building with a sign that read: Theodor-Hendricks-Diamond. Dai's brow rose, he didn't actually know what Alan did for a living and his mother never told him-he just assumed it was something in military based by Alan's build. The teen followed his father into the building and looked around, the walls were beige with a varnished border and the carpet was a deep red, and dotted around in rows of four were black leather chairs; ahead was a large varnished desk with a young man sat behind it. He had a mess of brown hair and brown eyes to match, and he wore a white shirt and black pants.

"Hey Alan." The man smiled.

"Matt." Alan nodded with a smile. "Is Sarah around?"

"She should be in her office, give me a sec and I'll call her." He was on the phone before Alan could reply and Dai looked around some more.

"Who's Sarah and what is this place?"

"You'll see, and this is a Law firm." Alan sat on one of the leather chairs and Dai sat with him.

"I thought you did something more…exciting." Dai muttered and scratched some dirt off his blue jeans with his thumb nail.

"Oh? Like what?" Alan turned his head to look at his son, Dai shrugged.

"You just seem to have the build of someone in a military background and mum never told me you were a lawyer."

Alan shrugged as well and gazed down the corridor. "Oh hey, that's my boss, wait here for Sarah and I'll be right back." Alan shot up and jogged down the hallway. Dai watched him until he disappeared and sat back in the chair.

"So, you're Alan's son?" Matt had casually wandered over to him. "I think if your dad had hair you'd look more alike." He chuckled and held out his hand. "I'm Matt."

"Dai." He shook his hand and looked down the corridor again. "So…what's Sarah like?"

Matt scratched his head and thought for a moment. "She's…a little rough around the edges but gets along with nearly everyone here." He smiled for a second. "She's beautiful-that's the first thing you'll notice about her."

"What's her relationship with dad?"

The older boy shuffled from foot to foot and looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "You better ask your dad about that, it's complicated and none of my business."

"Alright." Dai nodded. "One more question?"


"How old is she?"

Matt grinned. "Seventeen." Seventeen? And she worked in a law firm? No way, Dai couldn't believe it, she had to be an apprentice or something and she was far too young for his father.

"Where's Alan?" A female voice caught the boy's attention and they both turned their heads to a long, black haired girl with emerald green eyes; she wore a gray suit and a white blouse, her hair was in a high pony-tail until she pulled it free. Dai stared at her.

"He's with Jeff, he shouldn't be long." Matt shrugged and the girl rolled her eyes which then fell to Dai.

"That can't be his lad." She stated sceptically.

"And why not?" Dai's eyes narrowed as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Too scrawny." He then frowned.

"Are you being nice, Sarah?" Alan called down the corridor. An older man was with him, smaller-with thinning brown hair and hazel eyes; he wore a black suit and a black tie.

"Aren't I always nice?" Sarah smiled, spinning on her heel to face him. "Evening boss."

"Sarah." The man nodded then smiled at Dai. "Welcome to England, Dai. I'm Jeffery."

"Nice to meet you." Dai stood and shook his hand.

"We better go, see you all Monday." Alan smiled and led the way out.

"Bye boss." Sarah smiled. Dai followed and wondered why she hadn't said goodbye to Matt. The trio piled into the Mitsubishi and Dai listened to Sarah and his father, they just seemed to be discussing work. "My feet are killing me!" Sarah whined as she slid her shoes off and massaged her foot.

"Time for some new shoes?" Alan glanced at her.

"These are new…" She frowned and rubbed the other foot. "And you should get a smaller car; it's hard enough to get in and out of this thing-it's even worse with heels on."

"Use the step."

"I would have thought a lawyer would have something more…stylish." Dai piped up. "Like a Benz."

"There's something about a Benz that I don't like…" Alan muttered, scratching his head.

"Oh, get a Bentley!" Sarah placed a hand on his shoulder. He shook his head. "Can I have one then?"

Dai watched them, completely perplexed.