dear god,

what if i don't want to be a part of this world
what if i don't want to be a fake "man of righteousness"
what if i just want to Be Me
is that ok
what if i just want to See
i just want to See what i Believe
i just want to Be Me so Please let Me Be
is that ok
but as i chase after my Dreams
everything Seems to Be to Me
a chasing after the wind
call me a Preacher if you want
but all i want is to be a Teacher
sharing my mind in whatever way i Can
i'll pick up my pen, or sing in a Band
can you hear me now is my voice loud and Clear
i just want to show there's one thing to Fear
my dreams, Each
is so hard to Reach
i just want to Teach
you people that "Preach"
push others Away
so lord hear me Pray
i will follow your Way
but let me be this Way
i'll share what you Say
but don't make me Preach
just show me how to Teach
and how to Reach
don't get me wrong
i want to be righteous
but i want to be Real
i don't want to Feel
i want to Make
i don't want to Shake
i want to Take
that's the Way
i feel Today
so let me hear you Say
that you're Ok
if i Stay
the Way
i am
because i just want to Be Me

in the name of christ