This is going to be a set of 100-word drabbles about pretty much nothing, just a way to break some really bad writer's block, you know. I'm not using capitalization and I'm not sure why; it just didn't feel right. The titles are all from songs, though not necessarily used as the song intended. Anyway… And I'm sorry for the incredible amount of angst, but that's just the way it worked.

in a paper cup

he drowns his sorrows, slowly and without even thinking about it anymore. it's something he's grown accustomed to in his time, the not thinking, the not recognizing the difference between control and abuse, the turning of a convenient blind eye.

he drowns his sorrows in a paper cup with some intent, he's sure, but he doesn't know what it is. he drowns his sorrows and the world's lies in a three-cent dixie cup someone probably bought from wal-mart. or it could have been picked up off the street for all he knows.

three cents; that's all his life is worth.