Everyone's The Same

Okay I've had it and I'm done,

I'm tired of trying to make them understand,

When they all think the same,

Am I Goth is what they all demand,

Well you know what?

Everyone in this stupid world thinks the same,

Oh no, they're not strong enough,

To think for themselves, what a shame!

It no longer has effect on me,

No I don't give a freakin' care,

Go get your friends to agree with you,

Go tell them I'm Goth 'cause I dyed my hair,

Well I'm tired of everyone being the same,

I'm tired of having to look a certain way,

Just so I can 'fit in with the crowd',

I'm tired of you looking to see what I wear every day,

No, you won't talk to me 'cause I'm not good enough,

You don't approve of baggy, black pants with a chain,

Well in that case I'll never measure up to you,

Heh, you've never felt, let alone tasted pain,

You say that you have and you'll name some things,

But they don't come close to everything that's said,

No, they don't compare to the lies that I've heard,

They don't compare to hopes that are now dead…

I know what you all say,

Don't bother to explain,

I know you meant what you said,

Just admit you haven't felt the pain…

Yeah, I'm much more happier now,

And still everything's the same,

You all can't think for yourselves,

You can only follow someone else's blame,

You can't act by yourselves,

You can't do anything on your own,

You always have to follow someone else's judgment,

Well go on and judge me alone,

No don't make my friends have to suffer,

Don't make them have to hear it too,

I'll take all that you have to say,

As long as they don't have to listen to you,

No, don't make them have to go through it,

Don't treat them the same way,

They don't deserve to be judged,

And slowly the happiness melts away,

I'll admit that I should've expected nothing less,

I should've known it was too good to be true,

I should've known that happiness wasn't meant to last,

Yeah I should've expected all of this from you…

I know what you all say,

So don't bother to explain,

I know you meant what you said,

Just admit you haven't felt the pain…