master darling, master dear
person who i've come to fear
you s.t.i.t.c.h.e.d me up and held me tight
a blessing in the w h i t e of night
you're made of sun-tanned skin and smell like "sweet boy"
your eyes are sky blue and your hands are naught more than toys
when you lull me to sleep at night
you sing a song of death and blight
your hands c a r e s s my bosom hard
and take me a p a r t, shard by shard
i've come to love you, master god
and my hate towards you is tangled and o.d.d
similar the sprite of the air
you're the nymph of darkness and despair
you made me with your neon thread
and parts of those who died with dread
you are the nymph of death to me
you're the last of my options, my only k e y
i love you master darling dear
like the sun loves rain and the roses being sheared
so come with me and let me show you your life
of betrayal that which you did entice

(come with me nymph of death
come and see the strings of fate that you did stress