So Now I Cry:

So now I cry
Letting it all out
Maybe if I cry enough
Then reality will fade away
And time will turn back
And I could change
The things that I didn't do

I don't want this to end
But maybe it will
It's all in his hands
Not mine
And I have to let him
Make the decision
Without me

I hate that it has come to this
I hate that it might be the end
I hate that I can't change to make it right
I hate that I am me
I hate that things will never be the way I want them to
I hate that things might change

I hate the way that tomorrow night
You might not be here

Songs and lyrics
Are all I have right now
And I'm not quite sure
What I want to say to you
Just remember that no matter what
I will always care about you
Even if this time tomorrow
All has been said and done
And everything is gone
I will still care
Today, tomorrow and
Every day after that.

I really don't want to talk about this. Sorry to my LTOMM readers. Consider it on hold for now, while I get a hold of myself.