To Valinor

Away from ragged lands of pain,
Away from sundered realms of war,
Away from men both proud and vain,
Away, to blessed Valinor.

Depart from shadowed halls of hate,
Depart from fear forevermore,
Depart from idle thoughts of fate,
Depart, to peaceful Valinor.

Beyond the cares of worldly things,
Beyond the blue where dreams still soar,
Beyond the reach of Gwaihir's wings,
Beyond, to perfect Valinor.

Hold fast against the stormy skies,
Hold fast against the thunder's roar,
Hold fast against the howling cries,
Hold fast, 'till quiet Valinor.

At last we see the blessed light,
At last we reach the peaceful shore,
At last we know the perfect sight,
At last, in wholesome Valinor.