Okay, so here's the deal. I was sitting in class one day just minding my own business, you know, being crazy, when all of a sudden I heard a cell phone ringing. It scared me. But that's not why I wrote this story. XD I wrote this because the idea just popped into my head and I think I might know where I'm going with this rather than the last one I wrote... gosh, that one sucked. Anyways, hope you enjoy!!!

Remember Me

(Title by Kelsea a.k.a. BloodyCorsets)


I heard him calling to me. The sweet little boy. Who he was, I still couldn't figure out, but I felt as though I knew him. As if we were once very close. His hair is as gold as the sun. Eyes, bright blue icicles that could freeze you with one look. And his skin, fair and smooth like chalk.

He was beautiful.

"Chase! Wake up!"

My eyes shot open. A dream. I should have known. Ever since I came home from the hospital four days ago I've been having the dream. The same one.

"Chase Walters! Don't make me come in there!" I heard my mother yell from the other side of my door.

I glanced over at the clock that lay beside my bed on the wooden night table. Five thirty-three. I'd been asleep for almost seven hours. You'd think being in a coma for four years would make you want to never sleep again, but that's not the case with me. All I've done is eat and sleep since I got back here.

Mother has worried enough about me, I think to myself when I hop out of bed.


The smell of food wafted throughout the house. I took my seat across from my sister, Lanna, at the dining room table and began to eat.

"Smooth one, Chasey. Mom thought you went into another coma."

"Now, Lanna, leave your brother alone. He was just tired is all," mom called from the kitchen.

Lanna sighed and went back to chasing peas around her plate with the fork.

"Chase, honey, sit down and eat your dinner before it gets cold. Tomorrow, your auntie May and cousin Aiden are coming over. Do you remember him? You two were the best of friends..." she trailed off and I shook my head.

Friend? I wonder if he's the one in my dream.

Feeling stupid because she wasn't even in the room, and couldn't possibly have seen my shake my head, I call out, "Um, no, mom. I'm sorry."

As she entered the dining room again with a second plate of meatloaf, she let out an exaggerated sigh. "Well, maybe you will if you see him again. Once I find the family photo album, I'll show you old pictures of the two of you together. Oh, gosh, you two were inseparable." With another sigh, she sat down and ate her dinner.

I followed suit and ate my own food, leaving out the giant lump of meat. Getting that thing down my throat just didn't seem possible. Politely, I excused myself from the table and went back into my hideout. Others would call it a bedroom, but hideout just seems to make more sense right now.


It was ten twenty-one now, and I was still in my room, just staring at the ceiling. I was trying to remember what happened.

Why was I in a coma? And why won't anyone tell me?

Was it really that bad?

Maybe they just don't want me to remember, I thought to myself. I suppose anything that is capable of putting you into a coma is pretty horrible.

A knock at my door shook me out of my thoughts.

"Chase, it's me," Lanna whispered through the slightly ajar door. Noticing I was still awake, she entered my room. Without permission, as well.

"How are you doing, big bro? Need anything?" She, despite her carefree, laidback, look, was very caring. Especially to me. The week I was in the hospital after awaking from my coma, she stayed every day, just to make sure I was going to be okay. I smiled at the thought of it.

"No, I'm fine. I'm just gonna get some more sleep. You should, too."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Goodnight, Chase." She turned off the light and exited my room as I submerged myself under the covers.

Tomorrow I get to meet yet another stranger.

I close my eyes and let the dreams flow again.

Maybe he's not so much of a stranger after all...

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