Hello all,

This is timpanigirl, returning (kind of) from a long hiatus. Over a year ago I left a note at the end of this story explaining gleefully that I was heading off to study abroad in Spain and that I would update the story once I returned. I even promised you all a date for the story's return.

So much has happened since then, and until recently I couldn't find it in me to write. For numerous personal reasons including serious illness in the family, a very dear friend who is struggling with VERY serious mental illness, the last year has been spent working multiple jobs to support myself and others in my large family, being a full-time college student, and trying to regain some sense of self.

Unfortunately, none of these problems have gone away, but inspiration is beginning to return. I'm enrolled in a creative writing class, and I'm beginning to dust off the stories I had been working on. I'm also trying to continue moving forward with Ishelyn, but I can't make any promises about when you'll see more of her.

Know this, I appreciate every single person who reads this and comments on any of my stories. I have not forgotten you or my characters. I hope to respond with a chapter very soon. If you're a praying person, please pray for me and my family and friends…if not, just keep me in your thoughts and bear with me as I sort this out.

Thanks so very much,