Star Thief

How weird this day has been, begun like a
spell. How I walk past the trees that shed a
tear, run a tad faster past the line that
separates you from us. Look at the stars!
they signal the form of everlasting
light, but look at that star! Look how it fades!
Mightily it sat out in outer space.
I took it down, kept it safe inside my
pocket. How you slept on the grass, benight
the comfort of your precious hopes and dreams.
I stole this star for me, to remember
that I still love your smile, and eyes, and I
have got to release you from my grasp. I
feel so much at ease, knowing you still love
me. But if I may please say: Let me go.
I can't really stay, we have made our choice.

I run and run and finally come to
a stop. My left hand ablaze and in flames.
The stinging ling'ring, perpetually brings
my mem'ries singing to a heart that has
not yet left you in the past. The tree leaf,
akin to the scene I have found myself
in, lands on or near my fingertips while
my heart screams in fear that I've already
killed all that was green, happy and mellow.

A star that has been plucked from heaven I
hide. Shall I bring my self to gaze upon
it like a firefly captured to be set
free or covet it like a thief does a
precious gem? See it in my hand and I
hesitate, a hand from behind grabs my
arm, holds it tight and I let the star go.

"That star you hold will only burn, let it
be free, see it still in the heavens where
it belongs. Let the pain and fear wash far
away. Your light-- a star cannot match-- I
find so much more beautiful. To have a
day spent with just you and me, my wish I
say, I pray out loud to your twinkling eyes."

And she stood there, with a smile on her face.
And she stood there, if the world didn't matter.
And she kissed me, breathing from the joy of
giving this tattered, old star thief a kiss.