A Winter Romance

- - -

I was just remembering a book I'd read about a Summer romance and then I wondered why hardly nobody wrote about Winter romances. lol. Probably cuz there's not much of a Sun in Winter. So, this poem was actually inspired by the ramblings of my mind and also this weird guy from across the street. He keeps flashing a laser into my room (cuz we're kinda opposite each other) and it's kinda annoying. lol. Okay....anyway, review plz? Btw, this is from the point of view of a guy...don't ask me why...

- - -

The time has come

For you to go,

But before you do so,

You should know,

The Earth may die,

The stars might break,

Everything may perish,

But one thing they cannot take.

This was a fling,

A soon-to-be memory,

A Winter romance,

Ended beautifully,

These feelings in my heart,

Will remain unsaid,

But be careful and remember,

Each step we have tread.

To you, I think,

It may not mean a thing,

But to me, we were more,

Than just puppets on a string.

So before you go,

Remember this glance,

We had a choice,

Of more than a Winter Romance.

Those months that we spent,

Hanging out together,

Are happy memories,

To treasure forever.

I believe in you,

And I love you too,

So when you get home,

Don't forget me too soon.

Each day, each moment,

Each party, each dance,

I will remember,

As our sweet, Winter romance...