Funky Flower's Fantastic!

- - -

LOL. Okay, I know that the title is not very modest of me but still....this was meant to be a poem about myself for my profile..but it's way too long and I think this way, people are more likely to read it. What about you? Is it an honest description??? Btw, the bit about my conscience is true...once, I apologised for swearing at someone and that person had insulted me cuz of my religion! Anyway, review plz...

- - -

FunkyFlower14 is just a girl,

Who arrived from an alien world,

She crash landed when her fuel ran out,

So she decided to explore about.

She discovered that she could write pretty well,

So she decided to record and then try to sell,

But no one would take the teen seriously,

So she ran back and re-started mysteriously,

First her name was Willder Teen-Queen,

Then she changed it cuz she wanted to be seen,

She's a funky flower, exotic and unique,

You give her a review, she'll give you a treat,

She's a Muslim, only 14 and truly strange,

And sometimes she is way out of her range,

But behind the exterior, she will surprise you,

Because she's loyal, friendly and always true,

Sometimes serious, and sometimes not so,

She will cheer you up when you're feeling low,

Send her an email and she will reply,

As soon as she can, she will always try,

She's got a bad conscience that always screams,

Whenever she's terrible to anyone it seems,

Her temper can flare when she is insulted,

So watch out people! She's feeling revolted,

FunkyFlower14 comes from the UK,

The best place in which she wakes up everday,

Her love for her country and culture is great,

She isn't an extremist or filled with hate,

She's decided that she will stick around,

Her head's in the clouds, her feet off the ground,

She loves fictionpress and the people she knows,

She's always thinking up verses wherever she goes,

Don't breathe in too deeply or you'll be under her spell,

Cuz Funkyflower casts magic and charms really well,

Just review her work and she'll return the favour,

Read and enjoy all the pieces to your flavour...

Love from,