::Okay, this is dedicated to one of my favorite teachers. Last week he thought he had a heart attack. I was worried all day and when my friends told me on Friday that he didn't have one, I was so relieved. Tuesday was the next time I saw him. Please R&R::

Teacher and Student Relations

You held your hand over your heart
As you left the classroom
Leaving us alone, scared
Ilooked at Aaron with fear in my eyes

'I hope he's okay,' I whisper
He merely nodded and turned pale
He turned and left the room
Leaving me to face 90 minutes of worrying

By the time the bell had rung,
I was sick to my stomach
I wandered into SRT
With you on my mind

Next came Econ
My mind was not on the test
Finally came Physics
The end of my worrying

I would go home and
Forget about you
But I wouldn't, I couldn't
I fell asleep with visions of you

I woke up in a cold sweat
And tears running down my cheeks
The vision had been so real
I touched your cold hand

My friends told me the next morning
You didn't have a heart attack
I felt so relieved
On Tuesday, Aaron didn't show up.

So we walked down the hall and talked
I told you, 'I was freaking out'
You smiled and said
'You shouldn't have freaked out'

I looked at you and said sincerely,
'I don't want to lose you,
You are one of the best teachers here
When you said, "heart attack", I got scared.'

You looked at your feet and stopped walking
You pulled me into an embrace
And I heard you sniffle
"Thank you," you said.

::You are one of my favorite teachers, I don't want to lose you. Dedicated to Rich Snyder, English teacher, GHS::