Too Scared To Love

- - -

Inspired by Superman by Eminem. The chorus of that song is awesome but the swearing sort of put me off it. This poem's from a guys' point of view, just so you know. review plz?

- - -

I got my own problems,

But you just don't seem to understand,

Always coming back for more,

More than I can unhand.

You think that I got qualities,

Powers that other guys lack,

But you misunderstand me,

Forget the burdens on my back.

I won't deny that I got feelings,

And there's been more than one chance,

But I refuse, too confused,

For more than a little romance.

Alone, on the phone,

Everytime that I hear your voice,

You remind me once again,

That I still have a choice.

Every kiss, every contact,

Leaves me breathless and high,

Afraid of the risk,

Reluctant to leave you at night.

Sometimes I wonder,

What it is that makes me frustrated,

So scared of the consequences,

Everything is too complicated.

I burn in the rain, freeze in the Sun,

Enjoy the torture from above,

Maybe I'm crazy or simply confused,

Or perhaps I'm too scared to love...