This is a fairly old poem, which I wrote for some random competition. Changed the structure a bit and put it on here. Not quite sure why.....

Fantasies of flying

Grounded, kept solidly in place,

By a power I cannot,


T a s t e

Or savour.

To dream is to escape,


With fantasies of flying.

Emotions so strong,

They tear and rip

R u i n.

And then stand casually by l a u g h i n g.

A vindictive reminder of dreams which didn't last.

A fleeting glimpse of escape,

Where opportunity is endless,


I can touch the sky

Circle the moon and

d a n c e..

w i t h

t h e

s t a r s...

The tango, flamenco, samba, salsa

Then a singular moment of


The force which brings emotions,

Hopes, dreams,

Crashing down

Reality dawns, a crimson sunrise,


Ever compelling.

The ideas which rebel against

That unbreakable link with our world.

A shared ideal, a human bond.

The reasoning which we understand,

But never stop to consider.

Grounded, dreams of soaring removed

Emotions controlled,