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Timothy heaved an exhausted sigh, and leaned heavily on his shovel. His hands were caked with hot dirt, and his hair matted with sweat.

"Paw," he croaked, "I'm dead on my feet, and near dying of thirst."

"You got a point" Timothy's father, Leonard, looked up from the bottom of the large pit the two were digging.

Timothy sighed again, and put out a hand. Leonard took it, looking disgruntled, but let his son help him up and out, anyhow. They were digging a cellar, needed to store the meat and cider and such through the winter, only a few months away.

Leonard looked the deep hole over, considering, scratching at his short, graying beard.

"We should start digging to the side soon, I reckon:.

"Sounds about right." Timothy said with a grin "gunna need to start cutting up support beams, then"

"I'd say even bring in some stone from the river "Timothy's father added, returning the smile.

Despite his complaining, timothy loved working with his father like this. He'd pitched in with everything they had to do on the farm since the day they'd moved there two years prior. He still beamed with pride whenever he looked at their front porch. He'd done the whole thing himself, and had been barely fourteen.

"Mary Elizabeth'll be happy to have a place to put some of her picklin'"

Almost as though it were a summons, Timothy's twin sister stepped onto the porch, smiled, and waved at him. For twins, they didn't look much alike. Mary Elizabeth took after her father, with her bright green eyes and wet-clay colored hair. Timothy, on the other hand, was the spitting image of his passed mother, Leonard always said. He had sandy blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and a shy, frail look, despite his plentiful muscles.

"Dinner's ready if you are!" Mary Elizabeth called.

"We're just gunna get washed up!" Leonard called back.

Mary Elizabeth gave a little wave of recognition, and stepped back into the house.

Timothy smiled to himself as he and his paw headed down to the river. He looked out at the great expanse of prairie, spotted by the rare bush or tree. It was hard work, surviving out here, the nearest town two days away on horse back, but it reaped great rewards.

Life was good.


Life was bad.

Hawk Eyes, second son of Tree Amongst Grass, stared across his tribe's camp mirthlessly. His golden eyes for which he was named, followed whom he considered the most wretched creature in existence: Sturdy Plant. So called for her stamina and endurance…like a shrub.

"She'll bear sons well," came the voice of Hawk Eyes' brother, Sky Watcher.

"What use is that?" Hawk Eyes asked gloomily, "You are first son. Your child will become chieftain, not mine"

"If I were to die…" Sky Watcher considered slowly, "but surely you do not resent me for taking father's position some day."

"Of course not." Hawk Eyes looked over at his big brother with a small smile. Sky Watcher was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, his favorite person in the world. He was kind and thoughtful, funny and smart, powerful, yet merciful, He would make a great chief of their small community, but there was still the looming cloud that was Sturdy Plant.

"Must I marry, Sky?" Hawk Eyes asked, knowing his brother would answer true.

Sky Watcher took a deep breath.

"We all have our purpose in life, Brother Hawk; yours may be to marry this woman," he paused, and turned to Hawk Eyes "but I doubt it."

Hawk Eyes beamed, his golden orbs twinkling.

"Does that mean you will speak to father for me?" he asked happily.

"No." Sky Watcher said flatly and he turned back to his teepee, leaving his younger brother feeling hurt and confused.

Hawk Eyes sat down heavily on the packed earth, and watched disgusted as sturdy plant blew her nose out on the ground.

If he ever had to go anywhere near that nose, Sky would pay.

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