The Impossible Duo

By Da Vinci Isn't Available


GENE KEVIN - A once poor actor who tries everything related to Broadway to earn a living. He's very sarcastic man, yet he's a very good actor.

TOM ROSENTHAL - A shy stage manager; close friends and roommate to Gene and tries to help him get a job on Broadway.

ANASTASIA PARKER - A very pretty, talented woman who is also looking for a job on stage; she's around Tom's age.

JIM GREENE - Assistant stage manager to Tom; acquainted with Gene.


Gene and Tom's house

George Dawson Theater

Anastasia's house

New York City


Gene, a desperate actor, tries to get his friend Tom to help him get a part in a Broadway musical. They run around New York, trying to find a director willing to put Gene in their musical. They meet Ani Parker, who's also an aspiring actress, and things go a little crazy for the Impossible Duo.


Gene is complaining to Tom about his "neglected talent."


Scene 1

((The scene begins in the house of Gene Kevin and Tom Rosenthal. A couch sits in the middle of the living room, a few bookshelves line the walls; the bookshelves are filled with several books on theatre and tons of old scripts. Three potted plants stand in three corners of the room, and a set of stairs dominate the back of the room.))

((Enter Gene through the front door))

GENE: (shouting) TOM! Tommy boy! I've got news!

((There are a few moments of silence, then Tom enters from the door leading into the other room.))

TOM: What? What's the news?

GENE: (runs to Tom and shakes him roughly) I just ran into your buddy, Jim, at the bagel shop.

TOM: You don't like bagels.

GENE: It's purely social. Anyway, I ran into him, and after I apologized profusely for spilling his own coffee all over his nice shirt, I got down on my knees and begged him for a position in the musical that's going to be performed in George Dawson Theater.

TOM: You could've asked me.

GENE: What would you have done?

TOM: Nothing.

GENE: Tommy, I could be...on Broadway. Broadway! Can you imagine? (Gets dramatic) "Gene Kevin on Broadway." BROADWAY!

TOM: (sarcastically) I can't imagine. Broadway?

GENE: (steps away from Tom and goes to the couch, sitting on it) Of course, that would require auditions. I don't do well at auditions, Tom.

TOM: Well...maybe if you read the script before actually auditioning for it.

((Nostalgic moment))

GENE: How was I supposed to know the part I was auditioning for that one time last summer was for a confused female gypsy from Madagascar?

TOM: Perhaps...if you read the script.... (Takes a seat next to Gene) Look, I've been trying to get Frank Dallas to enter you into his play, but he's not...being very cooperative.

((There is a silence))

GENE: You hung his cat by the tail on a tree and wrote a letter saying that if I didn't get a part, you'd throw the cat in the Hudson.

TOM: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

((Gene gets up and goes over to the desk against the wall, shuffling through the papers on it. His back is to the audience. Tom watches for a moment, then Gene stops and picks up a small blue card.))

GENE: What's this?

TOM: What's what?

GENE: (showing Tom the card) This.

TOM: What's this?

GENE: (waves the card) That's my question.

((Tom gets up and walks over to Gene and both their backs are to the audience as they look at the card. Tom suddenly freaks and jumps back, turning away from Gene.))

TOM: It's nothing, Gee. Don't worry about it.

GENE: (getting angry) Oh, I'm gonna worry about it. This card belongs to a young lady—an obviously desperate actress by the name of Anastasia Parker. I happen to recognize that name, and I am personally appalled that you would have her card. I assume that you have her card because you are going to help her out and leave me to kiss her dust!

TOM: The phrase is "eat her dust."

GENE: (disgusted) Why would I eat dust?

TOM: Why would you kiss it?

GENE: (throws the card at Tom in anger) I cannot believe you would ignore me and help her! I—your closest friend and confidante!

((There is a knock at the door, and Gene goes to answer it, harrumphing as he does so. He opens the door, and a beautiful young woman stands there, smiling.))

ANI PARKER: Hello. Is Tom Rosenthal here?

TOM: (looks up from his lap and stands up) Ani!

GENE: (stares) Ani.

ANI: (nods) I'm Anastasia Parker. (She holds out her hand to Gene) Please, call me Ani.

GENE: (at a loss for words) Of course. (He takes her hand and kisses the top of it) I've heard so much about you, Miss Ani, and I never imagined a woman as lovely as you could be scavenging the city of New York for an acting role.

TOM: (rolls his eyes) Ani, this is my roommate and good friend, Gene Kevin. Gee...obviously, you've met Ani.

GENE: (escorts Ani into the house and helps her sit on the couch) Tom, please get this lovely young lady something to drink.

TOM: (raises an eyebrow) What?

((There is an awkward silence))

GENE: Or, since you're the host in this case, I'll get the drinks. Whatever works for you.

((Gene exits awkwardly. Tom sits next to Ani, carrying a small stack of papers. He sets them on the coffee table and looks at her, shaking his head.))

ANI: (laughing) He's charming.

TOM: (nodding and strumming his fingers on his knees) Gee's something.

((Gene enters again through the door he's come out of, carrying three glasses with near impossible skill. Tom rubs his forehead.))

GENE: (sets the drinks down on the coffee table and rubs his hands together) There we go.

TOM: You don't drink white wine, Gee.

GENE: I know. The third glass is for you. I'm going to go meet Jim at the Bagel Shop.

TOM: You don't like bagels.

GENE: (as he's walking out the door) Purely social!

((Exit Gene stage left))

((Lights go black on Ani exchanging a dumbfounded look with Tom.))

((End Scene 1))