Come On

Come on soldier and pick up your gun

The Calvary is here

We shall strike when the sun goes down

And defeat our baiting enemies

Victory is ever waiting

Come on Corporal and hold onto your guts

We've passed the hill of no return

Everyone is wounded and cut

The Yanks will learn when they mess with us

And God show mercy to those who don't

Come on Private and carry him home

There's nothing left to do

The war is finally over

I can only hope the Corporal didn't have a sweetheart

Because I don't like to be the breaker of bad news

Come on Lee and I'll buy you a drink

We did our best, but they got us

All those poor souls that died in vain

And everything we believed in scattered like a storm

Our rivers of hope we abandon

Come on my son and let me tell you a tale

Of death, chaos, and terror

The American Civil War left a scar across our chests

A scar that feebly heals at best

A healing that will never commence

Come on now death and take me away

I don't much care for life any more

Its unfortunate we lost the war

And everything we believed in before

I only wish I could see a revolution