The rain falls

Big wet drops on my nose.

They remind me of my mother

Who isn't here now.

I look around me.

The road is clear.


Her stone is before me.

Gray like the sky above.

I lie and wait.

The rain stops,


My paint set is beside me.

It used to be hers.

Colors of green, yellow, purple, pink red, and blue flood my eyes.

I start.

My brush dips.

Blue like the sky she loved

That watched us play.

Soon I'm finished with her blue.

Again, my brush dips.

The words or her life become green

Just like the grass where we shared so much joy.

Now I start on the final part.

A portrait of her,

My mother.

I paint

Letting the art flow.

Around my body

Her spirit guides.

After a long time

I finish.


We have turned her stone of sadness

Into a stone of remembrance.

My mother's stone.

A/N: This is another poem I stole from my past screen name, slightly re-done. I rather enjoyed this…rather proud…I hope you enjoyed it.