Thinking Of You

I remember those days when we used to be friends

Believing each other with many amends,

Spending quality time without any offends.

Often it seemed just like a dream,

Then reality struck us like a hallow beam

And it was time for us to go our separate ways.

Our last day together I told you what I thought;

I explained how much I would miss you and no matter what,

You would always be a very dear companion.

Little did I know that was the intimation

For us to drift apart, but be in the same situation.

As time went by, we faced the bitter truth-

The feeling of incompetence and lack of compassion,

The fact that we could not live without a conversation.

Haunted by insecurity, we tried to move on,

But with great failure we lost our crimson.

Finally reaching out we found the special light,

The one that would erase our fright.

Happy as we were to have the insight,

The future seemed to be very bright.

It had been a long while since we felt this way,

Thereby cherished every moment in order to allay.