"Are we ready to launch yet?" asked the commander of the Shuttle Bukidain, Rubicon.

"No, and stop asking me," answered Colonel Hortious, "We will not be ready for quite awhile.

Why are you in such a rush?"

"I...I just want to see my daughter at her birthday. That's all," replied Rubicon, "I mean is that too much to ask of anybody there? Would anybody who can hear me not be in a rush because they wanted to make it to there kids birthday?"

With a load roar many people agreed and at once sped up what they were doing to get it done as quickly and as clean as possible. The mission that Shuttle Bukidain and Commander Rubicon were on was a mission that has never been tried before. He was going to guide the shuttle near a black hole and see if he can run tests to test its age and size, but the most important test was the one that everybody was afraid of.

A black hole is a void a nothingness in time and space. Until a couple years ago it was believed that once something went into a black hole it did not come out. That was until a Professor at the Space and Aeronautical University managed to make a contained black hole. After he made it he threw things into it all the objects came back out. Not in the same area but right next to it. Since then every scientist that the Space Bureau could spare was put on inventing technology to test several factors of a black hole. Factors like, the size, age, and were the other end of a black hole comes out.

To test the size of a black hole the ship has to orbit around the black hole until the ship has measured the mileage around the black hole. This was extremely hard because if the pilot was even an inch off course the ship could be sucked into the black hole. The equipment to test the size was a simple odometer that is connected to a digital read out that can be seen on computers on earth.

The age machine was extremely complicated. It had to have a sample of a black hole to run its test. To get this sample a trained pilot flew a mechanical arm out to the black hole. At the end of the arm is a glass box. Once the box is opened inside the black hole it collects the sample and then closes to contain the sample. Then, the arm is brought back to the shuttle and the box is opened. After the box was secured another person opens the box and removes the sample. The sample is then moved to another secure location. Once secured it sits for twelve hours. After these twelve hours it is then removed from the location and tested to find out what the carbon is dated back to.

Finding out the other end of the black hole was as easy as aiming and firing. A person would aim the gun at an area of debris and fire a laser at it. This laser would then change the debris into a radio transmitter. The laser then guides the transmitter into the black hole and the receiver picks up the signal. Each galaxy and universe has its own signal which is translated into the name of the galaxy or universe.

"Have you tested the equipment yet? You may not have to go if the equipment is not working," said Hortious.

"Yea, we have tested it all, and unfortunately all of it works. Sigh I really wish it was not working though," replied Rubicon.

"Well I have got good news. We are ready for takeoff! Isn't that great, Rubicon?" asked Hortious.

"Alright! Lets go!" said the newly inspired and excited Rubicon.

"Your wife wants to say something," said Hortious.

"Even better! Let her on!" Rubicon yelled in excitement.

"Hey, you hurry up. Alright? Come home safely." said Rubicon's wife.

"I will, I promise," replied Rubicon.

"We have to launch now. Are you ready?" asked Hortious.

"Yes sir!" replied Rubicon.

"Alright then," said Hortious, "Takeoff in five, four, three, two, one, liftoff, we have liftoff. How is the shuttle handling? All the gauges reading like they should?"

"Everything is good. We are at 500,000 feet and rising steadily at four-thousand miles per hour. We are leaving Earth's atmosphere," replied rubicon.

"You are ordered to take manual control of the shuttle, and fly it toward the black hole take the age of the hole first. It will be the easiest of the tests," ordered Hortious.

"Yes sir. Proceeding to take manual control of the shuttle, autopilot is off and manual control is engaged. Proceeding to the target," Rubicon informed Hortious. Rubicon heard an extremely loud crash and then felt the ship being dragged toward the black hole. Rubicon turned and looked out the window and said to Hortious, "Sir, we have a problem. We underestimated the strength of the black hole and it is taking us in to it."

"Activate all the systems to fight the gravitational pull on the ship. DO IT NOW!!!" yelled Hortious in a rush.

"We have, they are not doing anything. Tell my wife that I am sorry and that I love her," cried Rubicon, "Also, tell my daughter that I am sorry that I missed her birthda...."

"Rubicon! Rubicon! Damn you answer Rubicon!" yelled Hortious at the top of his lungs, but all he got was static. Rubicon's shuttle had been sucked into the black hole and as far as any one knew Rubicon was dead.

---Back on the Shuttle Bukidain---

"Wha...What happened? Where am I?" Rubicon asked himself.

Rubicon glanced out the window to see if he can recognize where he was at. He had no such luck. He dashed to the control panel and checked to make sure that the shuttle was still intact and could fly. After he checked every detail of the ship he attempted to start the engines, which fired right up. He piloted the ship around and found that the black hole was still open, but at the same time he noticed a planet. He realized at that moment that he was no longer in the Milky Way. He flew closer to the planet and performed an atmosphere check. It registered that the planet had very little atmosphere.

Rubicon glanced at the planet again and wrote in a journal what it looked like:

"The planet looks to be nothing but a desert. From where I sit I can see what looks to be one small village. There can't be but a hundred to two hundred people in it. Running the atmosphere test I discovered that the planets atmosphere cannot support human life so I have chosen not to land on the planet. As the discoverer of the planet and the galaxy I choose to name the galaxy Azras and the planet Roton."

-October 30?, 2017?

Commander Rubicon of the Shuttle Bukidain

Rubicon then turned the ship around and flew directly back into the black hole and went back to the Milky Way and Earth.

---Back on Earth---

"Try again," ordered Hortious, "I am not going to give up. I refuse to deliver this message to Rubicon's wife."

"Rubicon, can you hear me? Rubicon come in, please come in!" yelled the radio man over the radio.

"I am here. Sorry about that. May I come home now?" asked Rubicon.

"Oh thank goodness," said Hortious, "You get home right now!"

"On my way sir." replied Rubicon.